GTA Online: How to Complete Payphone Hits

Are you wanting to complete the Payphone hits with the latest update?

by Gordon Bicker
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GTA Online has recently had one of the biggest updates released for players of the ever-evolving game. The Contract sees you and Franklin Clinton take part in a new story to assist Dr.Dre in recovering his stolen phone with unreleased material on it. Throughout the story, you will encounter characters from the game’s main story mode and also make wads of cash along the way as you are completing various missions and tasks for the company you now work for. One of these tasks is the payphone hits, and this guide article will take you through the process of how to complete payphone hits in GTA Online.

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How to Access Payphone Hits in GTA Online

Firstly, in order to access the hits themselves, you have to start The Contract update (DLC), this can be done by going to ‘Dynasty8 Executive’ on your phone (in-game) and buying one of the new offices. The icon you are looking for will look like a building with a ton of stripey horizontal lines through it. There are four in total that you can choose from to purchase with each one being placed around different points in the city.

The cheapest option is the office in ‘Little Seoul’ which costs $2,010,000 to purchase. After you have purchased any of the offices, be sure to visit it to start The Contract update. Now that you have access to your computer terminal, simply log on and complete some security contracts. Other people have mentioned that completing three of these contracts will allow you to access the payphone hits, but I personally found that I had to complete four security contracts before they unlocked.

You will know when you have unlocked it as Franklin will phone you and let you know about them. Now simply visit one of the payphones indicated on your map by a blue square symbol and a phone held within it and answer/interact with the phone. These sometimes can take a little while to appear in general after booting up the game.

However, you will be happy to know that if you bring up your contacts on the phone and phone Franklin, if you press on the option to request a payphone hit (even if it is grey on the box) it seems that a payphone location will be revealed on the map sometimes. It may have been a coincidence but it is worth a try if you aren’t finding any payphones to utilise.

How to Complete Payphone Hits in GTA Online

Now that you have had the phone call you can proceed to complete the mission given to you. You will be given an assassination target who you need to go and kill, however, if you complete the payphone hit the way it wants you to in the ‘assassination bonus’ box at the top of the screen shown when you start the payphone hit you will earn extra money.

Complete the assassination and you will be rewarded with money to spend in whatever way you would like to!

Will you be playing through the latest update this month in GTA Online?

GTA V is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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