Halls of Torment Best Swordsman Traits, Items, Abilities, and Blessings

Check out the best early, mid, and end-game Traits, Items, Blessings, and Abilities for the Swordsman in Halls of Torment.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Although Halls of Torment shares many similarities with Vampire Survivors, one of the key differences between the titles lies in the way all the characters in the former have their own exclusive weapon and movesets, with the Swordsman being the default one. But being the first character available does not mean you should set him aside, as he is actually one of the most solid picks available, especially during the early and mid-game stages. To help you bring the most out of him, here are the best Traits, Items, Blessings, and Abilities for the Swordsman in Halls of Torment.

Best Swordsman Traits and Blessings

As the swordsman shines given his ability to deal a good chunk of damage while also boosting a decent Block value and a good amount of health regeneration, the best blessings for him will be Attack Speed, Damage, Block Strength, Revives, Movement Speed, Area / Projectile Size, Pick Up Range (only when suing items focused on increasing your damage based on your range), and Health Capacity.

Trait-wise, we would recommend that you prioritize the following:

  • Cunning Technique: +5% Critical hit Chance.
  • Quick Hands: +6% Attack Speed.
  • Parry: +3 block Strength
  • Swift Feet: +6% Movement Speed
  • Strength: +10% Damage
  • Long Fingers: +40% Pick-Up Range (Only when equipped with the Collar of Confidence the Longfinger Gloves, or both).
  • Vanguard: +8% Attack Range
  • Dedication (Block): +50 Base Health and 3 Block Strength
  • Proficiency Stance (Range): +5% Critical Hit Chance and +10% Range for your main weapon.
  • Weapon Proficiency (Damage): 10% Damage and Attack Speed for your Main Weapon.

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Best Swordsman Items

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As the Swordsman is a character capable of dealing decent damage while either in movement or standing still (the latter while under the effects of Guiding Star), the best items for him will be focused on increasing his damage, block strength, and movement speed. You can check out the best items for the Swordsman below, as well as a short description of their effects:

Best Helmets:

  • Fighter’s Headband: The wearer will regenerate 1% of their health per second after defeating a boss during a run. Duration: 60 seconds.
  • Wind Crown: Your Attack Speed is increased by 1% per enemy defeated (can stack up to 50 times).
  • Helmet: Offer 3 Defense and 3 Block Strength (The best early game pick).

Best Necklaces:

  • Collar of Confidence: Increases your overall damage by 5% for each enemy within your pickup range, to a maximum of 50%.
  • Jade Amulet: Increases the EXP gained by your character by 50%.

Best Garments:

  • Plate Armor: Increases your Block Strength by 6.
  • Hunter’s Garb: Increases the damage dealt by you by 4% for each second you spend while staying still. The buff will dissipate if you move,
  • Blazing Shell: Increases your Block Strength by 6 and gives your character a 50% chance of inflicting Burn on all enemies who hit you.

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Best Gloves:

  • Longfinger Gloves: Increases your Pick-Up range by 80%.
  • Quickhand Gloves: Offers a 20% increase in attack speed.
  • Hunting Gloves: Increases the probability of performing extra hits by 30%.

Best Rings

  • Wooden Ring: Offers a 10% increase in Crit Chance.
  • Copper Ring: Increases your Crit Damage by 40%.
  • Seal of Rebirth: Allows you to revive once per run.
  • Guiding Star: Increases your movement speed by 40% while also decreasing your ATK Speed by 30% when on movement. Will also Increase your ATK Speed by 40% in the cost of decreasing your Movement Speed by 30% while attacking (still).

Best Footwear

  • Elven Slippers: Periodically increase your Block strength while moving. The value will steadily increase while moving and steadily decrease once you stop.
  • Runner Shoes: Increases your movement speed by 25%.

Best Swordsman Abilities in Halls of Torment

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Given the way that you will only be able to deal damage to enemies in your immediate range, we recommend that you prioritize the Lightning Strike and Phantom Needles Abilities when using the Swordsman in Halls of Torment.

When picking the Lightning Strike, we recommend that you go after the Conversion, Intensity, and Conductivity Traits. When using Phantom Needles, we recommend that you go with Firerate, Sharpness, and Puncture.

This guide was made while playing Halls of Torment on PC and will be updated as new items debut within the game.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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