Halo Infinite: How to Get Killing Sprees in Fiesta

How to go on a Rampage in the First Event of Halo Infinite.

by Weilong Mao
Halo Infinite Fiesta event video screenshot

Looking to make sense of the chaotic mode that is Fiesta in Halo Infinite? There are certainly some tips and tricks to be said for getting better performances during the course of the Fracture: Tenrai event that is ongoing in Halo Infinite. With good trigger discipline, map awareness, and just a bit of luck. Players should be able to achieve better scores and rack up kill counts. This guide will go through all the viable options to obtaining a killing spree in Fiesta and what things to keep in mind to be able to get killing sprees consistently.

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How to get Killing Sprees in the Fiesta game mode?

Playing actively yet patiently whilst on a good loadout is the short answer to getting killing sprees in Fiesta for Halo Infinite. Due to the random nature of Fiesta where players spawn in with a different weapon loadout every time, getting a killing spree will vary greatly in terms of difficulty depending on the loadout of both the player’s Spartan and the enemy Spartans that players will be facing down during their gameplay sessions. Having an energy sword or a gravity hammer would be a great boon for players on a small map like Aquarius or Streets, but could lead to easy deaths from enemy sniper fire on bigger maps like Launch Site or Behemoth.

So the first thing to keep in mind is what maps you are playing on. That will determine what weapon loadout would be easier to get killing sprees with. A generally good setup for smaller maps would be an energy sword paired up with the grapple shot, as that’ll help you close in on your enemies, netting you quick TTK (time to kill) whilst limiting unnecessary exposure to enemy gunfire.

On large maps, however. A sniper rifle would be the most preferable thing to have as you’ll most likely be engaging in trading long-range shots back and forth between you and your opponents. Players will have to improvise until they’ve gotten their hands on a good loadout the next time they’ve respawned, or through picking up the dropped weapons of their recently defeated enemies. But when they have such setups, they should play to capitalize.


Unlike energy swords or sniper rifles which are going to require finesse from players in terms of picking the right moments and range to strike. The Rocket launcher will usually make or break a player’s attempt in terms of getting a Killing Spree in the Fiesta. If the player can get their hands on one whilst the opponents are lacking in sufficient countermeasures from close range or long-range then they’ll find themselves with a couple of easy kills. If the player finds themself caught unaware on the opposite end of a rocket-propelled grenade, however, that may very well end their killing spree attempt with the loadout they are running. Players should exercise great caution in regards to rocket launcher-wielding enemies and only deal with them if necessary.

This leads to the last point, playing patiently. Getting a killing spree means getting 5 or more kills without dying in the process. Needless to say, this means keeping a closer eye on their energy shields. Players shouldn’t be going for kills unless they are engaging in a favorable combat situation where they have full shields and are able to out-gun or outmaneuver the enemy. Players will also need to keep in mind what weapons enemies are wielding and their potential maneuvers on the map.

After all, winning a fight just to then get stabbed by an energy sword or blown into smithereens by a rocket launcher shot means having to restart your kill counter. The reverse also applies. Hide and ambush enemies in the same place enough times and people will catch on. The best strategy would be to relocate often, but only to good engagement positions with limited exposure to the enemy. Let your ally Spartans take care of risk factors such as rocket launcher wielding enemies if need be. If players can keep all of the above in mind, they should find themselves much more able to get their hands on a Fiesta killing spree in Halo Infinite.

The Multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Whilst the Campaign mode is scheduled for release on the 8th December.