Halo Infinite Ranked Tiers: How the Arena Ranking System Works

Looking to level up in Halo Infinite Ranked Arena matches?

by Shubhendu Vatsa
Halo Infinite Ranked Arena

Halo Infinite has four different matchmaking playlists and the Ranked Arena is the most intense of the lot. The Ranked Arena in Halo Infinite can be considered similar to how series competitive PvP matches work. Players need to perform strongly in all the games to climb higher tiers. There are different ranked matches in modes: Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, and Strongholds. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with everything the game is throwing at you all at once, don’t worry. This article will guide you on Halo Infinite Ranked Tiers and how the Arena Ranking system works in Halo Infinite.

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How does the Halo Infinite Arena Ranking system work?

Before you can jump into some serious matchmaking and start making your way up tiers, you will need to play ten matches. Judging by how you perform in these matches, you will be assigned a rank. You will then be allowed access to Halo Infinite Ranked Arena and assigned a starter rank. From there, you can start grinding different Ranked Arena matches to level up your ranks.

Halo Infinite Ranked Arena has a total of 31 Ranks and is further divided into six named ranks. To add to the complicacy, five of these ranks are subdivided into 30 numbered sub-ranks, with only the top rank standing alone. Below is the breakdown of all the ranks in Ranked Arena:

  • Bronze: I-VI (Ranks 1-6)
  • Silver: I-VI (Ranks 7-12)
  • Gold: I-VI (Ranks 13-18)
  • Platinum: I-VI (Ranks 19-24)
  • Diamond: I-VI (Ranks 25-30)
  • Onyx (Rank 31)

Halo Infinite Ranked Arena matches work very similarly to other games in terms of matchmaking. You will be paired with players related to your Ranked Tier. This will be helpful for players who are just starting out and getting to know the various aspects of Ranked Arena matches. But as you climb higher ranks, games will start to get more intense and demanding.​

How to Level up Faster in Ranked Tier in Halo Infinite?

There is no one sure-shot way to quickly rank up in Ranked Arena matches. You will need to be the best in the business if the Onyx ranking is all you want. Ranked matches are serious games and one can only excel by playing many matches, learning from their mistakes, rinse repeat. The best way to level up faster in Halo Infinite Ranked Tier is by putting together a solid team and playing Ranked Arena matches regularly. Jumping into these matches with a bunch of strangers is a gamble which can pan out either way. If you are lucky enough to match with good teammates, you will see your ranking improve, while a couple of bad matches can take you back to square 1. With that said, no matter what’s the end result of a Ranked Arena match turns out to be, it’s considered nasty to leave if it seems like you’re going to lose. Stick to the very end no matter what happens. Good Luck!

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available via early access beta for free on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with its Campaign launching on December 8, 2021.