Halo Infinite Willow Tea Armor: How to Complete Peerless Warrior challenge

Earning your Spartan some Rustic Samurai War Paint.

by Weilong Mao
Halo Infinite Willow Tea armor coating screenshot



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If players are looking to breathe new life into the default Mark VII armor cores of Halo Infinite, they are going to have to complete the Peerless Warrior ultimate challenge. And there are certainly some caveats to consider when players are making such attempts. The Willow Tea armor coating is the challenge reward for this week’s rotation of multiplayer challenges and is very much so inspired by the samurai aesthetic of the event that is running alongside it concurrently, Fractures: Tenrai. This guide will talk players through the details of the armor coating and what could be done to obtain them.

How to complete the Peerless Warrior challenge in Halo Infinite

The Willow Tea armor coating is an armor paint usable exclusively by the Mark VII armor core in Halo Infinite, and it can be gotten from getting a killing spree 5 times in the event-exclusive game mode, Fiesta. Fiesta requires the player to engage in 4v4 slayer matches and will outfit the player with different weapon loadout every time they spawn into the map after having gotten killed. The random and hectic nature of Fiesta makes it difficult to ascertain the difficulty of earning killing sprees in Halo Infinite, but there are a few pointers that should help players along the way.

Two things need to be kept in mind whilst doing the challenge, one is the fact that killing sprees won’t count independently throughout one player’s life. What this means is that no matter how far the player reaches in terms of killing spree medal tiers after they’ve earned their first killing spree medal, it will still count as one killing spree, not multiple. So for players looking to count multiple killing sprees towards the ultimate challenge in one gameplay session, they’ll have to do it through multiple lives.

Second is the fact that killing sprees can be earned whilst in vehicles. As Launch Site and Behemoth are both available maps in the map rotation of Fiesta, this means that players could potentially get their hands on tanks like the Wraith or the Scorpion, or aircraft such as the Banshee or the Wasp. Keeping an eye on vehicle spawn points and grabbing such vehicles would be a good and fast way to level the playing field in the player’s favor, making it easier for them to earn killing sprees.


With those specifics in mind, a general word of advice would be to play the right weapon loadout for the right maps. In smaller maps like Streets and Aquarius, energy swords with the grapple shot gadget will give players good TTK (time to kill). Whilst on large maps like Launch Site and Behemoth players will have to be more careful about being picked off by opponents wielding sniper rifles, so using sniper rifles as a countermeasure in return becomes the more attractive solution. Rocket launchers will be a boon to both players wanting to earn a killing spree, and to opponents that are looking to stop players from earning them. Steer clear from rocket launcher wielding enemies if possible and let ally Spartans handle them instead. The goal is to not die until having gotten 5 kills, so play actively, but play patiently. Pick the right opportunity to fight and stay alive enough times and players should soon find themselves with the Willow Tea armor coating.

The Multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Whilst the Campaign mode is scheduled for release on the 8th December.