HoloCure Tier List: Best Characters in HoloCure, Ranked

Check out the best characters in HoloCure.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Among the wide array of Roguelikes who followed suit in the style made famous by Vampire Survivors, HoloCure can be considered one of the most unique, as the fan-game flawlessly mixes up the game’s style with a completely free-to-pay Gacha experience featuring avatars of many idols from the hololive agency. But who among the HoloCure cast are the best?

The Best Characters in HoloCure, Ranked

HoloCure currently features a total of 38 playable Idols, each capable of making use of an exclusive weapon, as well as of three different and fully upgradable skills, and one Ultimate ability. To give justice to each character’s strength, we decided to divide our tier list into tiers S, A, B, and C.

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You can check out our full HoloCure Tier List below, as well as a more in-depth look at each tier further down.

SIRyS, Ookami Mio. Nanashi Mumei, Hoshimachi Suisei, Sakura Miko, Murasaki Shion, Nakiri Ayame, Kaela Kovalskia
ATakanashi Kiara, Hakos Baelz, Ceres Fauna, Shirakami Fubuki, Inugami Korone, Calliope Mori, AZKi, Roboco-san, Aki Rosenthal, Natsuiro Matsuri, Oozora Subaru, Moona Hoshinova, Pavolia Reine, Nekomata Okayu
BAmelia Watson, Gawr Gura, Ouro Kronii, Tsukumo Sana, Tokino Sora, Akai Haato, Yozora Mel, Yuzuki Choco, Minato Aqua, Ayunda Risu, Airani Iofifteen, Kureiji Ollie, Anya Melfissa, Vestia Zeta, Kobo Kanaeru,
CNinomae Ina’nis

HoloCure Tier List: S-Tier, Explained

In the S-Tier of our HoloCure Tier List, we have the game’s best. All characters here are capable of taking center stage and shining even when RNG is not on your side, although using set items, weapons, and stamps will still be a must when in the late game stages.

Among the characters in the tier, IRyS, Ookami Mio, and Nanashi Mumei are in our opinion the best, given their survivability, sheer damage, and ability to literally clear the screen in a single attack.

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HoloCure Tier List: A-Tier, Explained

In the A-tier, we have characters who although capable of excelling, can only put on a true show when accompanied by certain weapons and item combinations. They are also not as well-rounded as our S-tiers.

A clear example of that can be seen in Takanashi Kiara, who although not capable of dealing damage comparable to the likes of Ookami Mio and Murasaki Shion can be considered as the game’s best dedicated tanker.

B-Tier, Explained

In the B-Tier we have characters capable of performing well, but who given their sets, can only truly excel in the game’s mid to late-game scenarios while accompanied by very specific items, weapons, and collabs. A clear example of the tier can be seen in characters like Gawr Gura, who although balanced, has in her Ultimate her biggest weakness.

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C-Tier, Explained

In the C-tier, we have characters who although a fair pick, are not well-equipped to take on the field in any stage of the game. For as much as it hurts us to say, Ninomae Ina’nis is the only C-Tier in the game right now, as her kit doesn’t allow her to excel in any front when compared to all the other playable characters.

This list was made while playing HoloCure’s version 0.6 on PC.

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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