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Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: How To Mount Machines

by Dean James


Horizon: Zero Dawn definitely provides one of the most unique game settings we’ve seen, meshing an older style world with technology. This means on top of the wild animals you see roaming the grasslands and other locations, you will also find machines that resemble different animals and dinosaurs. We’ve already told you in another guide how you can override these creatures, but now we are here to tell you how you can mount certain machines and ride them around the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

There are lots of different creatures you will come across in your travels in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but only a few of them can be mounted and ridden.

While there are additional machines in the game that you can override by completing Cauldrons, the ones that you can mount are all available from the beginning. It just depends on you finding them on the map.

One machine that can be overridden and mounted is the horse-like Strider, which you will do as part of a mission early on in the game. In addition, there are two more that you can mount by overriding them, which are the Broadhead and Charger.

Broadheads look like cattle with its horns extending out side to side, while Chargers look like a ram with curving horns that you should be able to see from a distance.

The method for mounting these is to first sneak up on them and override them. After one of these three machine types is under your control, press Triangle next to it to climb up on its back.

After mounting each of the machines, you can now travel much faster across the in-game world, but also be able to attack enemies as well. Make sure to take advantage of this, as the machines are pretty beastly in action.

As we told you in the skills guide, there is also a very useful tier four skill you can unlock known as Call Mount+, which will cause an overridden mount to show up for you to use at any time, even if you didn’t have one currently overridden yourself.

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