How Do You Complete Open Orientation in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

Orientate yourself with our guide

by Tom Cunliffe

Although World of Warcraft: Dragonflight‘s launch has been predominantly smooth, there are still a small number of problems players can face in their journey through the Dragon Isles. One of these involves completing the Open Orientation quest given to the player by Therezal, which needs to be completed to progress through the campaign. In this guide, we’ll explain the necessary steps to completing Open Orientation, and what you can do if your progress isn’t counting.

How to Complete Open Orientation in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Open Orientation requires you to complete Orientation quests for every one of WoW: Dragonflight‘s factions: Valdrakken, Maruukai, Dragonscale Basecamp, and Iskaara. Although you will have to visit each Zone in the Dragon Isles, these quests only involve briefly talking to NPCs. Collecting all Dragon Glyphs and maxing out your Dragonriding skills will make this process much faster, but isn’t mandatory.

What to Do if Open Orientation Progress Doesn’t Count

If you have completed these steps and your progress isn’t registering, make sure you are reporting to the correct NPC. The in-game marker will incorrectly display the hand-in NPC (Therezal) as being on top of the tower, while they are actually at the bottom. Therezal can be found in Valdrakken at coordinates 50 55 (/way Valdrakken 50 55 Therezal).


If you are still unable to complete this quest, you will need to open a Ticket with Blizzard Support. This can be done by opening the Game Menu, selecting Support, In-Game Issues, and then Contact Support.

Orientation Quest Locations

Using the TomTom AddOn, you can copy and paste the coordinates found below to display the exact locations for every NPC in each Orientation Quest. Alternatively, you can use the pins in the pictures provided.

Orientation: Valdrakken

Orientation: Valdrakken
  • /way Valdrakken 58 35 Orientation Valdrakken
  • /way Valdrakken 36 50 Equipment Supplier
  • /way Valdrakken 46 78 Drake Manuscript and Armor supplier
  • /way Valdrakken 36 62 Trade Coordinator

Orientation: Maruukai

Orientation: Maruukai
  • /way Ohn’ahran Plains 63.37 41.42 Orientation Maruukai
  • /way Ohn’ahran Plains 60.36 37.73 Quartermaster and Keeper of Renown

Orientation: Dragonscale Basecamp

Orientation: Dragonscale Basecamp
  • /way The Waking Shores 47 82 Orientation Dragonscale Basecamp
  • /way The Waking Shores74 82 Scholars supplier
  • /way The Waking Shores 47 83 Catalogers supplier
  • /way The Waking Shores 47 83 Explorers supplier
  • /way The Waking Shores 46 82 Artisans supplier
  • /way The Waking Shores 47 92 Keeper of Renown

Orientation: Iskaara

Orientation: Iskaara
  • /way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 13 49 Orientation Iskaara
  • /way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 12 48 Equipment supplier
  • /way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 13 49 Recipe supplier
  • /way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 13 49 Mount supplier
  • /way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 12 48 Drake scholar

- This article was updated on December 8th, 2022