All Dragon Glyph Locations in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

How to train your dragon.

by Tom Cunliffe

Dragon Glyphs are collectibles scattered throughout the Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Collecting them allows you to purchase Dragonriding Talents from Dragonriding Trainers, vastly improving your skills in Dragonriding and unlocking new abilities, such as Airborne Tumbling, which will enable you to strike enemy players out of the sky. There are 12 Dragon Glyphs discoverable in each of Dragonflight’s four main zones and we highly recommend collecting them all as soon as you enter each one. Below, you can find the exact locations of all 48 Dragon Glyphs in WoW: Dragonflight.

The Waking Shores Dragon Glyph Locations

All Dragon Glyph locations in The Waking Shore

Using the TomTom addon, you can copy and paste the following coordinates to receive map waypoints and arrows that guide you directly to all Dragon Glyphs in The Waking Shores in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

/way The Waking Shores 74, 57 Skytop Observatory Rostrum
/way The Waking Shores 75, 56 Skytop Observatory Tower
/way The Waking Shores 58, 78 Flashfrost Enclave
/way The Waking Shores 74, 37 Wingrest Embassy
/way The Waking Shores 46, 52 Overflowing Spring
/way The Waking Shores 57, 55 Crumbling Life Archway
/way The Waking Shores 73, 20 Scalecracker Peak
/way The Waking Shores 54, 74 Ruby Life Pools
/way The Waking Shores 40, 71 Obsidian Bulwark
/way The Waking Shores 52, 17 Life-Binder Observatory
/way The Waking Shores 68, 46 Dragonheart Outpost
/way The Waking Shores 21, 51 Obsidian Throne

Skytop Observatory Rostrum


This is the first Dragon Glyph you will collect and is a mandatory requirement to complete the Dragon Glyphs and You Campaign quest. It’s directly left of the Rostrum of Transformation and by far the easiest Dragon Glyph to find.

Skytop Observatory Tower


On the peak of the highest tower at Skytop Observatory, almost directly above Lithragosa, the Dragonriding Trainer of The Waking Shores.

Flashfrost Enclave


Directly above the cliff housing Flashfrost Enclave’s freezing cave opening.

Wingrest Embassy


On top of the most miniature tower among the ruins in the Southern exit of Wingrest Embassy.

Overflowing Spring


Atop the tallest mountain looming over the Overflowing Spring, above the waterfall.

Crumbling Life Archway


Under the smaller archway to the left of the Crumbling Life Archway. This Dragon Glyph is highly visible on certain Flight Master Taxi paths in The Waking Shores.

Scalecracker Peak


The very tallest mountain at Scalecracker Peak. This can be difficult to reach without your Drake having a full charge. If you are unable to reach this, you can learn some Dragonriding Talents and return at a later time.

Ruby Life Pools Peaks


South of the Ruby Life Pools flight path, on the mountain with a fantastic view of the area.

Obsidian Bulwark


South of the Obsidian Bulwark, atop the tall rock formation with the conjoined archway.

Life-Binder Observatory


At the very peak of the Life-Binder Observatory, above the spire. Ensure you rest to regain Vigor as you ascend, as this is one of the highest points in The Waking Shores.

Dragonheart Outpost


The tallest tower at Dragonheart Outpost has a crack at the top of it, which houses this Dragon Glyph.

Obsidian Throne


On top of the Obsidian Throne’s lavafall.

Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph Locations

Ohn’ahra Plains Dragon Glyph Locations

Make sure to spend the Dragon Glyphs you’ve earned so far, as Ohn’ahran features many tall mountains and hard-to-reach areas. Rubyscale Outpost is a unique Dragon Glyph being that it is technically in The Waking Shore but counts towards Ohn’ahran Plains‘ achievement.

TomTom coordinates for every Dragon Glyph in Ohn’ahran Plains are as follows:

/way The Waking Shore 48, 86 Rubyscale Outpost
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 57, 31 Ohn’ahra’s Roost
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 30, 60 Nokhudon Hold
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 30, 61 Emerald Gardens
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 29, 74 Eternal Kurgans
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 44, 64 Sszar Skeleth
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 47, 72 Mirror of the Sky
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 57, 80 Ohn’iri Springs
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 84, 77 Dragonsprints Summit
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 86, 39 Rusza’thar Reach
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 61, 64 Windsong Rise
/way Ohn’ahran Plains 78, 21 Mirewood Fen

Rubyscale Outpost


Despite being part of the Ohn’ahran Plains Glyph Hunter achievement, the Ruby Scale Dragon Glyph is technically in The Waking Shore. It’s directly above a bridge between the two zones.

Ohn’ahra’s Roost


At the apex of the eagle statue wedged into the mountain at Ohn’ahra’s Roost.

Nokhudon Hold


At the peak of Nokhudon Hold‘s mountain. Do not enter the Hold itself, as it is full of Level 70 Elite enemies.

Emerald Gardens


Above the waterfall flowing through Meritha’s Watch. Despite this Dragon Glyph being named after the Emerald Gardens, the Glyph itself isn’t actually in them.

The Eternal Kurgans


Between the peaks and high above the path of the two largest mountains in The Eternal Kurgans.

Szar Skeleth


Above the ruined tower in Szar Skeleth.

Mirror of the Sky


Very high in the sky above the mountains leading into The Azure Span.

Ohn’iri Springs


In the sky directly above Ohn’iri Springs‘ waterfalls, towards the top of the mountain.

Dragonsprings Summit


Straight in front of a wall with flowing water at the side of Dragonsprings Summit, directly below Cobalt Assembly in The Azure Span.

Rusza’thar Reach


Hovering over the building on the mountain towering over Rusza’thar Reach, almost directly in front of the Flight Point.

Windsong Rise


Directly above Windsong Rise, in the air. Loof for the swirly pattern on a grass verge. There is also a Rare Elite nearby that drops a Drakewatcher Manuscript, which unlocks a Renewed Proto Drake customization option.

Mirewood Fen


Above the path leading into Ohn’ahran Plains taken at the end of The Waking Shores campaign, just before the bridge you first come across your first centaur.

Azure Span Dragon Glyph Locations

Azure Span Dragon Glyph Locations

Ensure you have obtained more Dragonriding Talents, but don’t head to Azure Span straight after Ohn’arahn, as there is a Dragon Glyph that counts towards Azure Spawn Glyph Hunter that is technically still in that zone.

TomTom coordinates for every Dragon Glyph in The Azure Span are as follows:

/way Ohn’ahran Plains 70, 86 Forkriver Crossing
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 45, 26 Cobalt Assembly
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 39, 63 Azure Archives
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 68, 60 Ruins of Karnthar
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 70, 46 Lost Ruins
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 10, 35 Brackenhide Hollow
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 26, 31 Creektooth Den
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 60, 70 Imbu
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 52, 48 Zelthrak Outpost
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 67, 29 Rhonin’s Shield
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 72, 39 Vakthros Range
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 56,16 The Fallen Course

Forkriver Crossing


Above the path connecting Ohn’ahran Planes to The Azure Span, South of Forkriver Crossing’s Flight Point. This Dragon Glyph is technically on Ohn’ahran Planes but counts towards The Azure Span achievement.

Cobalt Assembly


On top of the Cobalt Assembly spire. Ensure you have enough Vigor charged to ascend to the top of the building.

Azure Archives


In front of the highest floating platform in Azure Archives. You can rest on each platform to regain Vigor, if needed.

Ruins of Karnthar


Inside the broken wall of the tallest tower in the Ruins of Karnthar.

Lost Ruins


Inside the roof of the only in-tact tower of the Lost Ruins, nestled in the mountains.

Brackenhide Hollow


To the side of the tallest tree in Brackenhide Hollow, which is rooted in a small mountain.

Creektooth Den


In the only broken tree inside the forest north of the Ancient Outlook tower, below Creektooth Den.



In the middle of the waterfall flowing down the edge of Imbu

Zelthrak Outpost


Nestled in a tree overlooking Zelthrak Outpost.

Rhonin’s Shield


Inside the roof of the smaller tower in the Upper Frostlands, South of the Rhonin’s Shield Flight Point.

Vakthros Range


Above the flat, icy area over the winding-lava tunnel in Vakthros Range.

The Fallen Course

Just before the broken bridge (The Fallen Course) that leads into Thaldraszus.

Thaldraszus Dragon Glyph Locations

Dragon Glyphs in Thaldraszus are mostly neatly packed together and should be the fastest of the four zones to acquire. By now, you should have enough Dragon Glyphs to upgrade your Vigor, which we highly recommend before beginning.

TomTom coordinates for every Dragon Glyph in Thaldraszus are as follows:

/way Thaldraszus 66, 82 Temporal Conflux
/way Thaldraszus 46, 73 Stormshroud Peak
/way Thaldraszus 35, 85 South Hold Gate
/way Valdrakken 58, 38 Valdrakken
/way Thaldraszus 49, 40 Algeth’era
/way Thaldraszus 61, 56 Tyrhold
/way Thaldraszus 62, 40 Algeth’ar Academy
/way Thaldraszus 67, 11 Veiled Ossuary
/way Thaldraszus 72, 51 Vault of the Incarnates
/way Thaldraszus 72, 69 Thaldraszus Apex
/way Thaldraszus 52, 57 Gelikyr Overlook
/way Thaldraszus 55, 72 Passage of Time

Thaldraszus Dragon Glyph Locations

Temporal Conflux


Inside the roof of the tower to the east of The Temporal Conflux. Directly in the middle of the hourglass on the map.

Stormshroud Peak


At the very top of Bluefeather Cliffs. Be cautious that you have a place to land for Vigor, as it’s extremely difficult to reach the peak without resting.

South Hold Gate


In the second tallest South-Western tower at South Hold Gate.



On top of The Seat of the Aspect in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s Capital City, Valdrakken. You can teleport to the top floor from the bottom to save on Vigor.



Above the spire of Algeth’era Court, close to the Algeth’era Flight Point.



On the small floating rock area above Tyrhold.

Algeth’ar Academy


In the roof of the highest building in Algeth’ar Academy. This Dragon Glyph isn’t visible without physically going inside the top part of the structure.

Veiled Ossuary


Inside the roof of the tall building overlooking the Veiled Ossuary.

Vault of the Incarnates


To the left to the entrance to the Vault of the Incarnates Raid, above a lavafall.

Thaldraszus Apex


On top of the tallest mountain in The Dragon Isles, making it the highest Dragon Glyph in the entire expansion. Make sure you have upgraded everything you possibly can, which should include all bar one Dragonriding Talent. The easiest way to ascend the mountain is through the Vault of the Incarnates area.

Gelikyr Overlook


Above the bridge where the Valdrakken Accord are defending against enemies invading Gelikyr Overlook.

Passage of Time


Under the natural rocky arch that leads into Shifting Sands. Quite literally the Passage of Time.

Unlocking All Dragonriding Talents

Congratulations! You should now have all 48 Dragon Glyphs in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. You can click the Dragon Isles Summary button, and then Dragonriding Skills and Unlocks to spend your Dragon Glyphs to claim every Dragonriding Talent.

Despite the ‘multiple choice’ Dragonriding Talents showing a cost, it is free to swap them at any time (while grounded) to suit your current activity. Your Talents are account-wide and apply to every Dragonriding mount.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is available now for PC via Blizzard’s Launcher.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022