How Do You Make and Use a Fletching Table in Minecraft?

A great item for players with bustling villages!

by Marc Magrini


Minecraft is a game containing hundreds of items, each with their own special purpose. Some of these items mainly exist for aesthetic reasons, while others are valuable treasures meant to be used in recipes. One item, the fletching table, can fall into one of these categories depending on where the player is. If they’re in an abandoned spot with no life to be found, these tables won’t have much value. If the player is near a village, however, they’ll get a lot out of learning how to make and use a fletching table.

How to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

It’s not always necessary to craft these items. Fletching tables can be found naturally in certain villages with their use already fulfilled. However, it’s possible to craft your own with two flint and four planks of any type. Bring the items to your crafting table and arrange them in a 2×3 grid. Put the flint on top and let the planks fill the bottom square. Just like that, you’ll have crafted your very own fletching table! It won’t be of much use unless you find a villager, but it can still make for a nice decoration.


How to Use a Fletching Table

To use a fletching table, place it near a villager that doesn’t already have a job. They will move to interact with it, turning the villager into a fletcher. This will change the villager’s available items for trade, allowing players to obtain numerous powerful bows and arrows. Like other wood-based items, a fletching table can also be used for fuel in a furnace. This is not recommended, however, as its effectiveness isn’t anywhere near the sum of its parts. Save your materials for this table until you find a village, and only use it if you really need to get an edge on ranged combat!

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on August 30th, 2022

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