Minecraft How to Change Villager Jobs

Getting the best out of Villagers.

by Sean O'Donnell


There’s an abundance of stuff to do within Minecraft and trading with Villagers is one of them. Bur it can be a pain when trading if none of the villager have what you want to buy. This can be solved by following the steps of this helpful guide.

What is the Villager currently Trading.

You’ll be able to tell this because of what the villager is wearing or the block he’s standing next to. A table of villager types and the blocks they stand next to is shown below. As you’ll noticed two of theses records are N/A and that’s because these Villagers don’t actually have jobs.


How to change the Villagers Job

To change the Villagers job all you need to do is destroy the block their using. So for instance if you wanted to change the job of a Weaponsmith you’d destroy the Grindstone but do be aware they will be pretty angry with you when you do this.

You then want to place another job block for example a Loom for that villager to go searching for a new job and come across the new Loom and the become a Shepherd.

Well we hope you found this useful and showed your mates on your Minecraft server your cool tricks.

- This article was updated on January 14th, 2022

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