How Does Aliens: Dark Descent Infestation Level Work?

Do you want to know how the infestation level works in Aliens: Dark Descent? Here's all the information you need to manage it effectively!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how the Aliens: Dark Descent Infestation Level works and if there is a way to lower it? Managing the crew and missions on Otago and Lethe in Aliens: Dark Descent can be overwhelming. One crucial game mechanic to consider is the Infestation Level, which significantly affects the difficulty of all missions. To help you navigate this aspect of the game, here is everything you need to know about Aliens: Dark Descent’s Infestation Level and how to manage it effectively.

How Does Aliens: Dark Descent Planet Infestation Level Work?

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If you look in your codex, you will find the following definition for Planet Infestation Level: “Planet Infestation progresses with each passing day. Each time the Planet Infestation gauge reaches a new threshold, the overall difficulty of all locations increases.”

As you progress through each day by clicking the Next Day button, the Infestation level of the moon Lethe increases. This is indicated by the Planet Infestation bar, which moves up by one notch each day. Once the bar reaches six notches, the Planet Infestation level increases by one. This means that more Xenomorphs will spawn at all locations on Lethe, and they will appear more frequently. As the level increases, you can expect to encounter a greater number and variety of Xenomorphs

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Can You Lower Aliens: Dark Descent Infestation Level?

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Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to lower Infestation Level in Aliens: Dark Descent. Once you click the Next Day button, an event takes place on board the Otago. There are different resolution options available, including reducing the Infestation level. However, this option may not frequently appear during gameplay (I only saw it once during my playthrough). Therefore, exploring other effective ways of managing the Infestation level is advisable.

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To combat the high levels of Planet Infestation, minimizing the days spent with your Marines on Otago and during missions on Lethe is wise. It’s essential to plan your two squads of Marines, all leveled to 10, as they may return exhausted or injured, rendering them unusable for a few days until fully recovered. Collecting all items in one mission is recommended for those seeking achievements to prevent burning through limited days. The only exception is Dead Hills, which requires multiple deployments.

Suppose your Planet Infestation level is already high, or you’re playing on an easier difficulty. In that case, the best action is to level up your marines, assign abilities, and unlock top-tier weapons. Although many weapons are available, I’ve discovered that the Plasma Rifle, Sentry Guns, and Mines are the most effective combination for holding off an increased amount of Xenomorphs caused by a high Infestation level.

- This article was updated on June 24th, 2023

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