How Does the Ranking System Work in DNF Duel? DNF Duel Ranks, Explained

Making Sense of the Ranking Systems in This DNF Spin-Off.

by Weilong Mao


To players who have made DNF Duel their first foray into fighting games, they might be curious and eager to get into the ranking system of this Arc Sys/Eighting joint venture. This comes as no surprise as it is often fighting against other human opponents that draws the excitement and adrenaline of fighters using combos and reflexes to edge out their opponents. This guide seeks to explain how ranking works in DNF Duel so players can figure out technicalities and get back to practicing their skills or honing their blades as they climb the competitive ladder.

Explaining the Ranking System in DNF Duel

The general gist is that players can queue up for ranked matches under Online Mode, beginning their journey starting from Bronze 1 and up to Deity. Each rank is split into four tiers, and players need to win three ranked games to advance to the next tier. This can be observed from the counter going up or down in the result screen after every ranked fight. This process repeats itself until players reach Deity, where a point-based system takes its place.

The ranks and tiers in ascending order are:

  • Bronze I – IV
  • Silver I – IV
  • Gold I – IV
  • Diamond I – IV
  • Terranite I – IV
  • Deity

Players are free to continue honing their character combos in training mode while they wait in queue for the game to match them up with other players. The period that this takes can vary depending on the matchmaking settings that the player has selected. On the topic of matchmaking settings, players can consider adjusting them to only match up against other players of the same rank if they are not concerned about prolonged waiting, but instead prioritizes fair matchmaking above all else.

In short, players can climb up ranks in DNF Duel by climbing up tiers, and they can adjust their settings to fit the climbing experience that they are looking for. Other aspects of the game have been explored following its release, ranging from the health value of characters to completionist endeavors such as getting all achievements and trophies.

The game’s single-player modes and additional content are things to consider if the ranking experience becomes difficult or excruciating. Here’s hoping that the players reading this article won’t have to encounter such dilemmas. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for any adjustments made to characters or system mechanics if you plan on grinding the ranked system of this game for the months to come.

DNF Duel is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.


- This article was updated on July 6th, 2022

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