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How Long is XCOM: Chimera Squad?

Budget price, full length.

by Diego Perez


XCOM: Chimera Squad changes up a lot of the traditional XCOM formula, getting rid of things like permadeath and character creation in favor of a less punishing but still challenging experimental title. Despite only being priced at $20 (just $10 if you pick it up right after launch), XCOM: Chimera Squad is a fairly long game, offering several hours of content that is highly replayable. It won’t replace XCOM 2, mostly due to how much content War of the Chosen and user-created mods add to it, but it’s still an interesting enough standalone game that any fan should at least play for a few hours. If you like it enough, you can play it again and get an entirely new experience thanks to its branching campaign, resulting in dozens of hours of content if you try everything out.

How Long is XCOM: Chimera Squad?

The XCOM: Chimera Squad campaign lasts a little over 20 hours. That being said, Chimera Squad is highly replayable, featuring a branching campaign that changes dramatically depending on which order you complete the three major investigations. Each of the three factions employs radically different units and tactics, and their level of preparedness increases the longer you wait to take them down. Starting out with one faction is a completely different experience than choosing that same faction last in another playthrough. If you really can’t get enough of Chimera Squad’s breach and clear style gameplay, then there is an incredible amount of replayability baked into the experience. Each agent also has their own unique abilities and skillsets, so you could always mix and match units you didn’t use as much during your initial playthrough. Like any XCOM game, Chimera Squad is designed with replayability in mind, but this time that rings particularly true. For a budget price, there’s a ton of content in Chimera Squad.

- This article was updated on:April 27th, 2020

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