How to Access The Hunter’s Nightmare in The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne

by AOTF Staff

In order to access The Old Hunters DLC and new area called Hunter’s Nightmare in the new Bloodborne expansion players will need to do some very specific things that aren’t clearly explained to them. If you’re having trouble accessing this new content, it may be because you haven’t progressed enough into the main story of the game.

First and foremost, to access the Hunter’s Nightmare, the new area for the game, you’ll need to be playing on an save that has you progressed up to or past the Vicar Emilia boss battle. If you don’t have a save up to that point, you’ll need to make progress to there before accessing the DLC.

Once you’ve beaten Vicar Emilia and triggered the cutscene from the altar you should light the new lamp in that room and return to the Hunter’s Dream. Once there, you’ll find that a new messenger has appeared and has a gift waiting for you. This gift is the Eye of the Blood Drunk Hunter and it will allow you to access the new content by completing just a couple more steps.

To immediately access the new content, you simply head over to the Yharnam Headstone and awaken in the Cathedral Ward. Exit to the left of the Cathedral Ward lamp room, head down the stair, and then locate the dead body next to the tree. Doing this will trigger a cutscene and then transport you to Hunter’s Nightmare.

Once in the Hunter’s Nightmare, this is the new area for the DLC.

Any lamps that you light in this area will throw you back to the Hunter’s Dream. If you need to get back to the Hunter’s Nightmare, you can do so by accessing a new Headstone in Hunter’s Dream, that is now located directly in front of the Insight vendor.

How to get to the Hunter’s Nightmare

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018