How to Back Up Saves in The Sims 4

Back it up!

by Noah Nelson
Image: The Sims Studio

Backing up your save in Sims 4 can let you do many things. For one, it gives you peace of mind when it comes to any potential data collapse or errors. Also, backing up your Sims 4 save can let you transfer your game to a different platform, even to a PC so you can enjoy mods.

How to Back Up Saves in The Sims 4 on PC and Mac

When it comes to PC and Mac, the procedure for backing up your Sims 4 save is basically the same. They both follow roughly the same path, which is Documens>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>saves.

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Once you have found your exact save files in the saves folder, you can export your save and back it up by copying and pasting the files to another location. This can either be on a flash drive to be transferred to another platform or on a hard drive.

How to Back Up Saves in The Sims 4 on PlayStation

If you are a member of PS Plus, you get 100GB of cloud storage that automatically backs up saves, including your Sims 4 saves.

To manage your backed up saves, follow this path: Settings>Application Saved Data Management>Auto-Upload>Enabled Automatic Uploads>The Sims 4. With this done, your Sims 4 saves will automatically be backed up to the cloud which you can access later.

If you want to manually back up your Sims 4 saves on PlayStation, go to Settings>System>Back Up and Restore>Back Up PlayStation. By doing that, you can put your PlayStation data on an external hard drive.

How to Back Up Saves in The Sims 4 on Xbox

Like PlayStation, Xbox offers cloud storage for your saved data. However, you don’t need to pay to access it. Simply go into your Xbox settings and select which game you want to automatically back the saves on.

You can also navigate through the settings to select a manual export of saved data like on PlayStation. If you do this, you can take your Xbox Sims 4 saves and transfer them to a PC or other device.

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023