How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO (May 2022): Best Counters and Weaknesses

Planning on battling Sierra in Pokemon Go?

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go has a vast variety of characters for you to battle against and you will want to learn about all of the best strategies in order to defeat them quickly and efficiently. In order to battle Sierra, you will have to have a ‘Rocket Radar’ which you will need to create. When you get the chance to encounter Sierra you can reap all of the great rewards you can earn from battling them. This guide will take you over the best Sierra counters and weaknesses and how to beat Sierra in Pokemon Go.

Best Counters and Weaknesses Against Sierra

With all the new Mega Levels this month you will be wanting to get started with leveling and ultimately battling others in the experience. For Spring, an official blog post noted all of the possible Pokemon that you can battle against when competing against Sierra. The first Pokemon you’re up against will always be Drowzee. For the second round, it can either be Blaziken, Lapras, or Sharpedo and as for the third round it can be Nidoqueen, Houndoom, or Shiftry.

You should bring a bug, fighting, and water or ground-type pokemon to the battle against Sierra. Here are some of the best counters against each pokemon with specific type advantages noted:

  • Drowzee, Sharpedo, and also Shiftry — Bringing Scyther, or Scizor can give you the upper edge against Drowzee due to the fact you are battling with a bug-type pokemon against them. You will want to be using fast attacks on Drowzee and charged attacks when you have the chance to.
  • Blaziken, Houndoom, and Nidoqueen — This is where your water pokemon can shine, bringing a pokemon such as Kyogre will see these pokemon being sent with the waves to the ocean sands faster than you can say Nidoqueen.
  • Lapras — For Lapras, they have a weakness against grass and electric-type pokemon so continuing to utilize the grass-type pokemon you brought with you can continue to be an excellent advantage here.

Be sure to bring all of the Pokemon types that you need to the battle with Sierra and you will achieve victory quickly! You may even want to try and compete against Giovanni during the month!

Pokémon Go is available to download now for free on IOS and Android.

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