Pokemon GO Mega Levels Explained: XP Bonuses, Candy Bonuses, and More

Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Mega Levels!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go has announced that ‘Mega Levels’ are going to be making their way to the experience and players from Australia and New Zealand will already be playing the update which includes the new changes to Mega Evolution within the game. However, many players will be wanting to know more about how the new system works and indeed what Mega levels are and what bonuses they will bring for players. This guide article will explain everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Mega Levels.

What Pokemon Go Mega Levels Are

With a Sunshine Form Cherrim Spotlight hour recently you may be venturing back into the world of Pokemon Go and want to know everything about all of the new systems that arrive. Firstly, when you have a Pokemon which undergoes a Mega Evolution, that will start to earn exp for increasing that Pokemon’s own Mega Level. In turn, you will have an exciting new branch of leveling to understand through Mega Levels!

There are of course benefits to Mega Levelling your Pokemon!

Mega Level/Mega Evolved Pokemon Bonuses

All of the bonuses related to Mega Levels and Mega Evolutions as an amalgamation are:

  • You will get more candy and also have an extra chance of getting a Candy (XL) if you manage to catch any Pokemon that are the same elemental type as your Mega-Evolved Pokemon which is great to know about due to how useful they can be for your Pokemon.
  • Of course, you will also even get increased experience points for catching the same Pokemon type as your Mega Evolved Pokemon once again.
  • The Pokemon’s Rest period will decrease for you as the Mega Level increases for them.
  • When in a Raid or Gym Battle with your Mega Evolved Pokemon and attacking with them, then other Trainer’s Pokemon will deal more damage to your pokemon and the attacks will also deal extra damage if they are the same type as your own Mega Evolved Pokemon.

These bonuses will not be all applied at once for each Mega Evolved Pokemon so it will be some RNG whether you get the bonus you are looking for. Now you can go forth with the knowledge of how mega levels work and prepare for all of the spotlight hours that may appear and your regular catching escapades!

Pokémon Go is available to download now for free on IOS and Android.

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