How to Breed Camels in Minecraft

by Drew Kopp
Image: Mojang

Minecraft’s Trails and Tales update has introduced a new mountable mob to the game, the Camel, which can carry two players on its back. Like most other neutral mobs in Minecraft, the Camel can be tamed and bred, but the game isn’t clear on what you have to do to make two Camels get together and make a baby. Here’s how to breed camels in Minecraft.

How to Breed Camels in Minecraft

Image: Mojang

Getting breed Camels in Minecraft works the same as every other breedable animal. To get two animals to breed, they must be brought within at least eight blocks of one another and be in “love mode.” To trigger love mode, feed both animals a specific food that will get them in the mood to mate, shown in-game by hearts appearing over their heads. Once two animals are in “love mode,” they’ll spawn a Baby version of the animal that will quickly grow into an adult.

Before you can start breeding camels, you’ll have to go out and find at least two of the hump-backed ungulates in the wild. Camels spawn in the Desert Biome and tend to gravitate toward Villages. To get a Camel to go where you want it to, you can leash it with a Lead, which can be made with four pieces of String and a Slimeball, or bait it into following you with a Cactus. If you don’t want to put up with trying to guide the Camel, you can also slap a Saddle onto its back and ride it to your destination.

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Once you’ve gotten two Camels in an enclosed space, you can get them to breed by getting them both into “love mode.” To get Camels into love mode, they must be fed a Cactus. Cactuses can only spawn on Sand Blocks or their variations, so you’ll want to harvest them from the Desert or Badlands Biome. If you plan on making Camels your regular mount, you might want to consider starting a Cactus farm.

Once both Camels are in love mode, it shouldn’t take them long to get friendly with each other and produce a Baby Camel. Now that you know how to breed Camels, you and your friends can saddle up and explore the many exciting new features that Minecraft’s Trails and Tales update has in store for you!

- This article was updated on June 7th, 2023

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