How to Build a Spirit Barn in Moonstone Island

Get right to building a Spirit Barn so you can collect 'em all!

by Noah Nelson
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To catch ’em all in Moonstone Island, you need to build a Spirit Barn. You can only keep three Spirits with you in your Medallion, so to increase your Spirit holding limit, you need a Spirit Barn. When trying to build a Spirit Barn myself, I got extremely confused which is why I’m the perfect person to come to to learn how to build a Spirit Barn in Moonstone Island.

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Moonstone Island Spirit Barn, Explained

The first step in building a Spirit Barn in Moonstone Island is to build a Moonstone Enchanter. Once that is done, you need to finish the Spirit Research: Taming 101 quest. Finally, you need to build the Spirit Barn and stalls to hold your Spirits.

How to Build a Moonstone Enchanter in Moonstone Island

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To do that, you need to complete the Settling In quest by placing a tent and finding a Moonstone; each island has one or two Moonstones and they are easier to find at night since they glow. Then, complete the Craft a Balloon quest.

Once both quests are complete, you’ll get the Craft a Broom quest which unlocks the Moonstone Enchanter. Go to your crafting menu and build a Moonstone Enchanter with three Iron Ingot, three Copper Ingot, and one Moonstone Ingot.

To make Ingots, you need to build a Furnace and use one Coal and three Iron, Copper, and/or Moonstone to make one Ingot. You’ll find Coal, Iron, and Copper by mining rocks in caves, and caves are holes that are found at random after mining a rock.

How to Complete Spirit Research: Taming 101

I couldn’t complete Spirit Research: Taming 101 for a long time because I didn’t want to give up one of my three Spirits in my Medallion. However, to complete this quest, you need to let one go so you can tame a level five or higher Spirit.

Use your broom to travel to other islands. There, you’ll find Spirits and you’ll tame them by feeding them Flax Flower in combat.

Once that is done, return to Zed in the Science Center and turn in your research. Rest and you’ll research the next quest from Zed. You’ll also receive the recipe to create the Spirit Barn.

How to Build a Spirit Barn in Moonstone Island

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With everything ready, all you need to do now is build the Spirit Barn. To do this, you need 100 wood, 100 stone, three Iron Ingots, and one Moonstone Ingot.

Once you’ve built the Spirit Barn, I recommend you build it near your tent so that all your Spirits are easily accessible. Place it down and finally, you’ve made a Spirit Barn! You can now tame more than three Spirits (up to 40 in each Spirit Barn), but you need to know how to house them.

How to House Spirits in a Spirit Barn in Moonstone Island

The only way to actually house Spirits in your Spirit Barn is to build stalls (I know, there’s always one more thing). To build stalls, go to your Moonstone Enchanter and build a stall from 30 wood and three cloth.

With a stall build, go back to your Spirit Barn and place the stall directly in front of any circular patch of dirt. This is where your Spirits will stay.

Now, whenever you tame a Spirit in the wild, they will come to an open stall in your Spirit Barn. Good luck catching all 66 Spirits in Moonstone Island!

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