How to Catch Ragnahawk in Palworld – Location, Skills, Drops, and Breeding Guide

Check out everything you need to know about the game's top Fire flying Pal.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
A player petting Ragnahawk in Palworld
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The Ragnahawk can be considered a game-changer among the Fire-type Pals in Palworld, given their ability to go toe to toe with most of the game’s most fearsome bosses and imbue all of your attacks with fire when used as a flying mount.

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True to that, getting the Pal is not an easy task. Here’s where to find and how to breed a Ragnahawk in Palworld, as well as an overview of its skills.

Palworld Ragnahawk Location

You can find a wide array of Ragnahawks in Palworld by heading to the game’s Volcanic biome, located in the map’s southwestmost portion. When in the biome, you will be able to find the biggest concentration of the Pal on its west portion, especially in the areas surrounding the Jetragon boss.

Image: Palworld GG, edited by Attack of the Fanboy

When attempting to capture a Ragnahawk, I recommend that you use both Water-type Pals and Hyper Spheres. Using Giga Spheres can also work, but the Ragnahawk will — unless they are in the blink of defeat — escape from it 9 out of 10 times. If you defeat a Ragnahawk, they will always drop a Fire Organ.

How to Get the Ragnahawk Saddle

After catching one, you will be able to unlock the Ragnahawk saddle by reaching Technology Level 37 and then crafting one with 25x Leather, 15x Cloth, 20x Ingot, 20x Flame Organ, and 25x Paldium Fragments. If you need to know where to find leather in Palworld, we’ve got you covered.

All Ragnahawk Skills and How to Unlock Them

Like most Pals in the game, Ragnahawk can unlock a total of 7 combat moves and one Partner Skill in Palworld. His Partner Skill, Flame Wing, will imbue all of your attacks and projectiles with fire if used while mounted.

You can check out a short description of all of Ragnahawk’s combat skills below, followed by how to unlock them. As all wild Ragnahawks will be around level 37, five of their skills will be available from the get-go once they are captured.

Skill NameDescriptionSkill CooldownHow to Unlock
Air CannonAllows Ragnahawk to fire an air projectile dealing Neutral damage. 2 secondsReach Lv.1
Spirit FireAllows Ragnahawk to send off a fireball that will dispel into many smaller ones shortly after. 7 secondsReach Lv. 7
Flare ArrowAllows Ragnahawk to send a series of homing fire arrows at a target. 10 secondsReach Lv. 15
Sand Tornado Ragnahawk sends two sand tornadoes toward an enemy, dealing Ground damage.18 SecondsReach Lv.22
Flare StormRagnahawk sends two flame tornadoes toward an enemy, dealing Fire damage.18 SecondsReach Lv 30
Ignis BreathAllows Ragnahawk to continually spread flames toward an enemy 15 SecondsReach Lv 40
Fire BallAllows Ragnahawk to fire a fireball which will explode upon contact (the explosion has a range of 9999). 55 SecondsReach Lv.50

How to Breed a Ragnahawk in Palworld

Once you reach Technology Level 19 and build a Breeding Farm, you will be able to breed a Ragnahawk in Palwolrd by placing any of the Pal combinations below in the farm after placing a cake into its wooden box.

  • Nitewing + Pyrin
  • Nitewing + Elizabee
  • Mossanda + Elizabee
  • Sibelyx + Elizabee
  • Relaxaurus + Cinnamoth

After the egg is laid, you will be able to have it hatch and get your Ragnahawk by placing it in an Egg Incubator. As the Ragnahawk is a fire-type Pal, make sure the incubator is placed close to a fireplace or a torch to increase its hatching speed.

This guide was made while playing Palworld on PC.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2024

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