How to Clear Simulated Universe World 3 in Honkai Star Rail (All Difficulties)

Check out how to best Gepard on all difficulties!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

World 3 — which tasks players with defeating both Gepard and his Silvermane battalion — can be considered one of the most tricky within the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail.

But although the world will offer a fair challenge nevertheless, knowing how to approach it can make a massive difference. Here’s how to clear World 3 in all difficulty levels on Honkai: Star Rail.

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The Best Simulated Universe World 3 Teams (All Difficulties)

Image: HoYoverse, assembled by Attack o the Fanboy

As all Simulated World 3 enemies will be weak to Physical, I advise you to go for a team featuring a Physical DPS (ideally either Clara or Argenti), a healer, and an AoE Imaginary or Lightning DPS. Using a non-physical DPS is only recommended if you have Silver Wolf, as she will be able to implant the weakness into enemies.

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The Best Supports for Clara and Argenti

If you choose Clara as your Main DPS, I recommend that you use either March 7th or Tingyun. While Tingyun will enhance Clara’s damage and allow you to deal extra ounces of Lightning damage, March will allow you to efficiently shield her. When using Argenti, I recommend that you use Hanya as a support, as she will massively increase his damage and allow you to spam For In This Garden, Supreme Beauty Bestows to maximum effect.

If you are having a hard time and not using Clara, using Gepard or the Preservation variant of the Trailblazer will massively enhance your survivability.

The Best Simulated Universe World 3 F2P Team Composition

Image: HoYoverse

For F2P players tackling World 3, I recommend using Sushang as a DPS, Tangyun as a support, Natasha as a healer, and Serval as an AoE/DoT DPS. If you have either of them, using Hanya or Bronya instead of Tangyun will skyrocket your damage, especially when paired with a few specific blessings of the Hunt and Nihility.

Best Resonances, Blessings, and Curios for World 3

After picking any of our recommended teams, I recommend that you use either The Hunt (for all Argenti and Sushang teams) or the Elation Path Resonance (on Clara teams). When on the field, focus on getting blessings from The Hunt and Elation (if using Clara) or from The Hunt and Nihility (if using Argenti or Sushang).

Curio-wise, I recommend that you prioritize buffing your overall damage and increasing the probability of getting blessings of our chosen paths. Among all Curios, The Doctor’s Robe is a game changer, as it will allow you to start every battle with full Resonance.

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How to Beat Simulated Universe World 3 Gepard in All Difficulties

You can defeat Gepard and complete the Simulated Universe World 3 by focusing on the soldiers accompanying the boss before letting loose on him. To do that and deal with Gepard’s team-wide shield buffs, simply focus on effectively breaking their defenses and defeating them one at a time. The Hunt Path Resonance can also be a Godsent when the subject is dealing with adjacent enemies, so make sure to use it at the beginning of each phase if available.

Gepard will be accompanied by one Silvermane Cannoneer and one Silvermane Soldier at the beginning of the fight, and summon two Silvermane Gunners and two Silvermane Lieutenants at the beginning of phases 2 and 3 respectively.

This guide was made while playing Honkai Star Rail on PS5 and PC.

- This article was updated on January 8th, 2024

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