How to Complete All “A Sodden Pact” Quests in Diablo 4

This guide will cover how to complete all "A Sodden Pact" quests in Diablo 4.

by Christian Bognar
A Sodden Pact Quest Diablo 4
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Are you trying to complete the “A Sodden Pact” questline in Diablo 4? While most side quests are straightforward in the game, sometimes a curveball is thrown at you where you must locate hidden objects. This is the case for A Sodden Pact, and players are having trouble. If you are one of those needing help for this questline — we got you covered. This guide will walk you through all quests for A Sodden Pact questline in Diablo 4.

All Steps to Complete the “A Sodden Pact” Quests in Diablo 4

First, to start A Sodden Pact questline in Diablo 4, players must first complete the Whispers from Below sidequest found in the Northshore region of Scogslen. It’s a quick side quest whose only requirement is to head to a specific location on the map — marked by a blue waypoint. Head to the location in the image below to start and complete the Whispers from the Below sidequest.

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Quest #1 – A Sodden Pact

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Once you have the “Whispers from Below” sidequest out of the way, you can officially start the A Sodden Pact questline. Head to the waypoint in Northshore Scogslen in the image attached and speak to Sonia to formally begin the quest. Your objective is to find 5 Sodden Growths in the area surrounded by a blue outline. These can be tricky to find, so I have laid out the exact location of each Sodden Growth — making this quest quick and easy.

The First Sodden Growth location is directly left where Sonia stands at the quest’s beginning.

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Next, the second Sodden Growth is found in one of the northernmost parts of the area that is surrounded by the blue outline. You can find the Sodden Growth against the edge next to a shed.

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The third Sodden Growth is found directly east of the one you just collected. To be more precise, check the image below.

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The fourth Sodden Growth can be found in the southeastern area surrounded by the blue marker. You will know you are in the right place when you come across a big shed — head inside to find the Sodden Growth.

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Next, the fifth and final Sodden Growth is found in the central part and the middle of the blue outline. This one is also located inside a broken shed, where you must head inside and interact with it to collect the Sodden Growth.

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Once you have collected all of the Sodden Growths in the area, Sonia will request that you make your way to a new waypoint on the map. On the western side of where you were searching for Sodden Growths, there is an island that you must head toward. Interact with the corpse on the ground to complete the first part of the quest line.

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Quest #2 – Untangling Truths

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Your next task in completing the questline is to complete the “Untangling Truths” quest in the Northshore region of Scosglen. I have attached an image to this guide, showing you where this quest begins — head to that location and interact with Sonia.

This part of the questline is very straightforward, as you only need to interact with three Derelict Shrines in the surrounding area. The good thing is that these Shrines are marked with a blue waypoint, meaning you don’t need to locate them yourself. Head to all three Derelict Shrines, interact with them and speak to Sonia afterward to unlock the next side quest in the quest line.

Quest #3 – Threads of Envy

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The next and final quest is the “Threads of Envy” side quest located in the Northshore region of Scosglen. Speak to Sonia at this location, who will bring you inside a small dungeon. This part is easy; this dungeon is a straight line leading you to the end, where a small boss fight commences. Win the battle, speak to Sonia again, and she will move to a new location. Head to Sonia’s new location represented by a blue waypoint marker on the map, shown in the image below.

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Once you are here — speak to Sonia, and that’s it! You have now completed the A Sodden Pact questline in Diablo 4! Your reward for your efforts consist of a high amount of experience points and a rare item.

- This article was updated on July 10th, 2023

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