How To Complete Field Research and Capture Challenge in Pokemon Go’s Detective Pikachu Returns Event

by Drew Kopp
Image: Niantic

The Detective Pikachu Returns event is in full swing in Pokemon Go, and it’s brought with it a new set of event-exclusive Field Research tasks and Capture Challenges for players to complete. As is always the case with Pokemon Go’s special limited-time events, finishing challenges rewards the player with one-of-a-kind rewards that won’t be available after the Detective Pikachu Returns event ends on October 9th. Here’s how to complete the Field Research challenges of Pokemon Go’s Detective Pikachu Returns events.

How to Complete Field Research in Pokemon Go’s Detective Pikachu Event

Pokemon Go‘s Detective Pikachu Returns event features a unique Field Research questline that requires players to complete specific tasks. During this Field Research quest, you’ll be much more likely to encounter Sudowoodo, Snivy, and Rowlett, and the reward for meeting these challenges is a chance to catch their Shiny counterparts. While you are not guaranteed to receive the Shiny forms of these Pokemon, it is still an excellent opportunity to get them if you haven’t already.

Field Research ChallengesField Research Rewards
Catch a Grass‑type PokemonSudowoodo (Potential Shiny)
Catch a Pokemon with Weather BoostSudowoodo (Potential Shiny)
Catch a Flying-type PokemonSnivy (Potential Shiny)
Take a snapshot of wild Water‑type PokemonSnivy (Potential Shiny)
Catch a Water‑type PokemonRowlett (No Shiny)
Catch a Psychic‑type PokemonRowlett (No Shiny)

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How to Complete Pokemon Go’s Detective Pikachu Returns Collection Challenge

The Detective Pikachu’s Return event’s Capture Challenge requires you to catch a Sudowoodo, a Snivy, and a Rowlett. If you successfully capture all three Pokemon, you will be rewarded with 1000 Stardust, which you can use to buff up your Pokemon.

Unfortunately, while you need to capture these three Pokemon to complete the Capture Challenge, the Detective Pikachu Returns event does not appear to increase the likelihood of these Pokemon spawning. To complete the challenge, you may have to look beyond your usual hunting grounds and search your local area to find the Imposter, grass Snake, and Grass Quill Pokemon.

- This article was updated on October 6th, 2023

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