How to Complete the Gilmore BitLife Challenge

Where you lead, I will follow!

by Kara Phillips

BitLife allows players to personalize their character’s life until their heart’s content, but have you ever wanted to pursue the life of a popular television character? Luckily, the Gilmore Girls challenge is letting BitLife players take the reins of the Gilmore household and re-create it from the comfort of their phones. So read on to learn how to participate in the Gilmore Girls challenge.

How to Solve the Gilmore Girls Challenge for BitLife

To complete the Gilmore Girls challenge, you must follow a few steps that almost mirror the TV show. So if you are particularly familiar with Rory and Lorelai, you’ll understand this challenge’s references. Firstly, you will need to start with creating your own character born in Hartford. You’ll need to age up a few years before you can do any activities, but when you can, you will need to do every activity with your mother. You can access the activity menu by going to Relationships>Mother and selecting an activity from the nine possibilities. To complete the challenge, you must do all nine activities with your mother.

Following this, you will need to pursue Rory’s dream of studying Journalism, meaning you will have to go to University after finishing college. You have a while before to work on developing relationships with other characters, which is wise since they will come in handy for later challenges, but studying should be the primary focus when you reach University. You will need a high Smart Stat to get into Journalism, so you should optimize the Study Harder option through school and college.

The final two challenges to complete within the Gilmore Girls challenge involve relationships, so if you made friends through school and college, this would be much easier. Firstly, you need to Cheat with an Ex. This can be done by having a current partner and hooking up with an ex-partner during your relationship through the relationships menu and selecting hooking up. Of course, this will negatively affect your current relationship, but it’s all for the challenge. The second half of the relationship challenge is similar in that you will also need to get pregnant with your ex. If it doesn’t work first, you can repeat the process until your character is pregnant.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2022

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