How to Complete The Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife

Check out how to complete the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Grumpmas is the first Christmas-themed challenge to debut on BitLife in 2023 and tasks players with creating a criminal who embodies everything contrary to what the holiday represents.

To help you complete all of the tasks part of the challenge and reap all of its rewards, here’s how to complete the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife Grumpmas Challenge Guide

You can complete the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife by:

  • Being born a male in Nova Scotia
  • Insulting 5+ Primary School Classmates
  • Pirating 10+ Porches
  • Burglarizing 5+ houses
  • Marrying someone with 80+ Looks

You can check out how to complete each of the tasks above, below.

How to Be Born a Male in Nova Scotia in BitLife

You can be born a male in Nova Scotia in BitLife by changing your character gender to male, if needed, before setting your birth country to Canada and your birth city to Halifax (which is the province’s capital).

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How to Insult 5+ Primary School Classmates

You can insult primary school classmates in Bitlife by heading to School, selecting your Primary School, and then heading to class before selecting any of your classmates and then clicking on Insult. To complete the challenge, just repeat the process above five times. Only Bitizens can Insult classmates in BitLife.

How to Pirate 10+ Porches at Age 18+

After your character turns 18, you can pirate ten or more porches in BitLife by continuously heading to Activities and selecting Crime before clicking on Pirate Porch and then picking your target.

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How to Burgle 5+ Houses in BitLife

You can burgle 5+ houses in BitLife by continuously heading to Crime and then selecting Burglary before selecting your victim. Just like with the porches you must pírate to complete the challenge, every time you attempt a burglary there will be a chance of getting caught and eventually sent to prison.

How to Marry Someone With 80+ Looks in BitLife

After meeting someone with 80%+ Looks and starting a relationship with them —a feat you can accomplish by selecting their profile and then clicking on Ask Out— you will be able to marry them in BitLife by heading to Relationship, selecting your partner, and then selecting either Elope or Propose.

To increase the chances of your NPC of choice agreeing to both date your character and then eventually marry them, make sure to have at least 90+ Looks and to continuously cultivate your relationship with them by paying compliments, gifting them with presents, and going out on dates.

This guide was made while playing Bitlife on Android.

- This article was updated on December 18th, 2023

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