How to Complete The Padam Challenge in Bitlife

Check out how to complete the Padam Challenge in Bitlife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In the spirit of the hit song by legendary pop singer Kylie Minogue, the Padam challenge in Bitlife tasks you with becoming a famous choreographer bound to cause heartbreak. Here’s how to complete the Padam Challenge in Bitlife, as well as step-by-step guides into each of its tasks.

Bitllife Padam Challenge Guide

You can complete the Padam Challenge in Bitlife by:

  • Being born a female in Australia
  • Becoming famous
  • Becoming a choreographer
  • Going clubbing 5 times
  • Hooking up with someone you met in a club

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You can check out quick guides on how to complete each of the mentioned steps, below.

How to Be Born a Female in Australia in Bitlife

You can create a female born in Australia in Bitlife by, once at the character creation screen, selecting the country as your place of birth before if needed, changing your character’s gender.

How to Become Famous in Bitlife

The easiest way to become famous in Bitlife can be done by joining social media and then accumulating followers. This is also one of the only ways you can get famous in the game without the need to purchase career packs.

You will be able to join social media in Bitlife by heading to Activities, Social Media, and then picking which platform you wish to join. Once you create an account, just make sure to keep your physical stats high and make frequent posts in order to build up fame.

How to Become a Choreographer in Bitlife

After finishing High School, you can become a choreographer in Bitlife by picking Dance as your university major and then (after you graduate) heading to jobs and interviewing for the Jr. Choreographer position.

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How Can You Go Clubbing on Bitlife

You can go clubbing in Bitlife by heading to Activities, selecting Nightlife, and then picking which club among the ones on the list you wish to visit.

How to Hook Up With Someone You Met in a Club in Bitlife

The only way to hook up with someone you met in a club in Bitlife can be done by visiting one and then hoping that doing so will prompt the Hook Up pop-up event. Once it does, just select the option leading to the hook-up to complete the task.

This guide was made while playing Bitlife on Android.

- This article was updated on September 23rd, 2023

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