How to Complete the Anti-Hero Challenge in Bitlife

Check out a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Anti-Hero Challenge in Bitlife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Among the wide array of unusual challenges players can complete in Bitlife, very few are as random as the Anti-Hero one, which tasks you with creating a firefighter set on making horrible choices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Anti-Hero Challenge in Bitlife.

Bitlife Anti-Hero Challenge Guide

You can complete the Anti-Hero Challenge in Bitlife by:

  • Being born in Arkansas
  • Becoming a firefighter
  • Staying in the Hot Cheeto Diet for 15+ years
  • Losing 1 million at a Casino
  • Ignoring a crime in progress

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You can check out quick guides on how to complete each of the steps below.

How to Be Born in Arkansas in Bitlife

You can be born in Arkansas on Bitlife by, while in the character creation screen, selecting the United States as your country of origin and then Little Rock as your city of birth.

How to Become a Firefighter

You can become a Firefighter in Bitlife by, after graduating from high school, heading to Jobs and then interviewing for a position at a Fire Department.

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How to Enter the Hot Cheeto Diet in Bitlife

After turning 18, you will be able to start the Hot Cheeto Diet in Bitlife by heading to Activities and then selecting Mind & Body. Once there, just select Diet, pick the Hot Cheetos option, and then select Do It.

How to Lose 1 Million in a Casino in Bitlife

You will be able to eventually lose 1 Million at a Casino in Bitlife by heading to Activities and then selecting Black Market. Once there, just select Casino before picking the one you like to visit, and then how much you would like to bet on a game of blackjack. You will only be able to access the Black Market tab after purchasing the game’s Black Market Expansion Pack.

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How to Ignore a Crime in Progress on Bitlife

You can ignore a crime in Bitlife by, after witnessing one, selecting the option to do so among the available ones. There’s no way to force your character to witness crimes in the game, so just keep playing until it happens.

This guide was made while playing Bitlife on Android.

- This article was updated on September 10th, 2023

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