How to Complete The Last Resort Challenge in BitLife

Check out how to complete the Last Resort Challenge in BitLife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges

The Last Resort Challenge tasks BitLife players with following the steps of a very successful OnlyFans content creator who rose to stardom after being fired from their job in the adult entertainment industry.

But how can you complete the challenge? Here’s how to complete The Last Resort Challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife Last Resort Challenge Guide

You can complete The Last Resort Challenge in Bitlife by:

  • Dropping out of High School.
  • Getting fired from a job in the adult film industry.
  • Starting an OnlyFans account after being fired.
  • Posting 5+ foot videos.
  • Becoming one of the top 10% content creators in OnlyFans.

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How to Drop Out of High School in BitLife

You can drop out of High School in BitLife by heading to School, selecting your High School, and then heading to Drop Out. You can do that as soon as you enter High School, but I recommend that you wait until your last year.

How to Get Fired in BitLife

After getting any job on BitLife, you will be able to get fired quickly by heading to Job, selecting your profession, and then heading to Working Hours.

Once there, just select an absurdly low number of hours and then age up. If you are lucky, you will be fired either immediately or in a couple of years.

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How to Start an OnlyFans Account in BitLife

You can start an OnlyFans account in BitLife by heading to Assets, Social Media, and then selecting OnlyFans. After you select the platform, and if you are not a Bitcitizen, the app will ask you to share BitLife with a friend to create the account. There’s no need to do that, so simply select yes and then return to the app to create your account.

How to Post OnlyFans Foot Videos in BitLife

You can post foot videos as an OnlyFans creator in Bitlife by heading to Assets, Social Media, and selecting your OnlyFans account. Now, simply head to Post, select Foot Video among the available options, and then confirm your choice.

To complete the fourth task of the Last Resort Challenge as fast as possible, simply repeat the process above five times in succession.

How to Become a Top 10% OnlyFans Star in BitLife

Although there is no guaranteed way to become famous, you can steadily raise your fame until you become one of the top 10% OnlyFans stars in BitLife by making constant posts and promoting a few products a year.

This guide was made while playing Bitlife on Android.

- This article was updated on December 11th, 2023

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