How to Complete the Slice & Dice Challenge in BitLife

Check out how to complete the Slice & Dice Challenge in BitLife!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Although some BitLife challenges task you with completing some truly disconnected actions, others like The Slice & Dice Challenge —which task players with creating a killer known for his use of unusual weapons— could not be more straightforward.

To help you complete the challenge and get its reward as fast as possible, here’s how to complete the Slice & Dice challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife Slice & Dice Challenge Guide

You can complete the Slice & Dice Challenge in BitLife by:

  • Being born a male in Texas
  • Purchasing 5+ weapons from an Arms Dealer
  • Attacking 5+ individuals with the weapons you purchased
  • Murdering someone with a Katana
  • Selling a murder weapon

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You can check out how to complete each of the tasks part of Slice & Dice below.

How to be Born a Male in Texas

You can be born a male in Texas in BitLife by selecting the United States as your country of origin and Dallas as your place of birth while in the New Life Screen before if needed, changing your character’s gender.

How to Purchase 5+ Weapons From an Arms Dealer

You can purchase five or more weapons from an Arms Dealer in BitLife by first heading to Activities and then selecting Black Market. Once at the Black Market, simply select the Arms Dealer, and then either pick the dealer’s recommended weapon or keep looking before making your purchase. The Black Market will only be available for those who purchased the Black Market Expansion Pack.

How to Use Your Weapons to Attack 5+ People in BitLife

After selecting the option to purchase a weapon as instructed above, someone will —in 9 out of 10 times— attempt to start a bitting war for it. Once that happens, simply select the option to attack them, select one of your previously purchased items as your weapon of choice, and repeat the process until you attack 5 people.

After attacking an NPC, there’s a high chance they will retaliate, so make sure to keep your stats maxed to increase your chances of surviving the hit or ending the conflict on one move.

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How to Murder Someone With a Katana in BitLife

You can murder someone with a Katana in BitLife by simply using it as your weapon of choice when attacking a rival buyer in the Arms Dealer Shop. To increase your chances of killing your target, make sure to aim at vital spots.

How to Sell a Murder Weapon in Bitlife

After finishing the task above, you can sell a murder weapon —in this case, your Katana— by heading to Assets, and then selecting Belongings. Once there, pick your Katana and then select the option to sell it to complete the Slice & Dice Challenge in BitLife.

This guide was made while playing Bitlife on Android.

- This article was updated on December 2nd, 2023

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