How to Complete The Shib-Uya Challenge in BitLife

Check out how to complete all of the tasks part of the Shib-Uya challenge in BitLife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Going in the opposite direction to some more unconventional BitLife challenges, the Shib-Uya Challenge tasks you with living a stress-free life while accompanied by a pack of loyal Shiba Inu.

But although the challenge can be considered cozier than most, completing it is no easy task. Here’s how to complete all the tasks part of the Shib-Uya Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Shib-Uya Challenge Guide

You can complete the Shib-Uya Challenge in BitLife by:

  • Being born a female in Japan.
  • Becoming a fashion designer.
  • Owning three or more Shiba Inu.
  • Having a perfect relationship with all of your Shibas.
  • Going on a vacation to France.

How to be Born a Female in Japan in BitLife

You can be born a female in Japan on BitLife by selecting Tokyo as your birth city before, if needed, changing your character’s gender. Once all needed changes are made, just select Start ‘Your Character’s Name’ Life to complete the first task of the Shib-Uya Challenge.

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How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife

After completing high school, you can become a Fashion Designer in BitLife by getting a degree in graphical design before heading to Jobs and successfully interviewing for the Jr. Fashion Designer position. Once you become a Jr. Fashion Designer, just work diligently to get promoted to a fully-fledged Fashion Designer.

How to Own Shiba Inu in BitLife

You can own a Shiba Inu in BitLife by heading to Activities and then to Pets before picking either the Animal Shelter or Dog Breeder option. Once you click on either one, just select a Shiba Inu from the available list of pets and follow the adoption procedures. To complete the challenge, just repeat the process until you manage to adopt 3 of them.

If no Shiba Inu appears as part of the available pets selection featured under either Animal Shelter or Dog Breeder, just close and reopen the tab to refresh it. Only Bitizens can adopt pets in BitLife.

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How to Have a Perfect Relationship with Your Dogs

Just like in real life, you will be able to have a perfect relationship with your dogs in BitLife by caring for them, taking them on walks, and actively playing with them.

How to Go on Vacation to France in BitLife

You can go on a vacation to France in BitLife by selecting Activities before heading to Vacation. Once on Vacation, simply select France as your destination and then how you wish to fly there before confirming your choice. If France is not among your available travel destinations, just close and open the tab until it is.

This guide was made while playing BitLife on Android.

- This article was updated on December 2nd, 2023

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