How To Complete The One Peace Challenge in BitLife

One Piece fans, assemble!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Made for all who love One Piece, the One Peace Challenge tasks BitLife players with recreating the first steps in Luffy’s journey to an extent, as we all know the future King of Pirates would never commit a real crime.

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To help you clear the challenge as fast as possible and get your reward, here’s how to complete The One Peace Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife One Peace Challenge Guide

You can complete the One Peace Challenge in BitLife by:

  • Being born a male in Brazil.
  • Befriending a male from Japan and a female from Norway.
  • Pirating 5+ porches
  • Owning a Pirate Ship

You can check out how to complete each of the tasks above by heading further down.

How to Be Born a Male in Brazil in BitLife

You can be born a male in Brazil in BitLife by selecting the country while in the New Life menu before if needed, changing your character’s gender.

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How to Befriend a Man from Japan and a Woman from Norway on BitLife

The easiest way to befriend both a man from Japan and a woman from Norway in BitLife can be done by emigrating to each country in order. Once in each country, simply get any kind of job there and then select any of your coworkers who meet the requirements before clicking on befriend. You can emigrate in BitLife by, after graduating from high school, selecting Activities and then Emigrate.

There’s no way to guarantee that your chosen NPC will accept your invitation and become your friend. To increase the chances of getting a positive response, make sure to build a good relationship with them by paying them compliments and hanging out with them as often as possible.

How to Pirate 5+ Porches in BitLife

You can pirate five or more porches in BitLife by continuously heading to Activities, selecting Crime, and then clicking on Porch Pirate. After selecting the option, you can commit the crime by simply picking which house you wish to target.

Although your character can start performing the crime from age 9 and can do so multiple times within a year, there will be a chance you will be arrested each time you do so.

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How to Get a Pirate Ship in BitLife

You can get a Pirate Ship in BitLife by, after getting a boating license, heading to Activities, Shopping, selecting Specialty Vehicle Dealers, and then picking any kind of nautic vehicle store. Once at the store’s page, simply scroll until you find a Pirate Ship and then purchase it. If the ship does not appear among the shop’s selection for you, simply age up a year and then try again.

In my case, it took me around 4 tries to trigger the ship to appear. Once it did, I was able to purchase it for around 6 Million dollars.

This guide was made while playing BitLife on Android.

- This article was updated on January 14th, 2024

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