How to Complete the Tis Giving Challenge on BitLife

Check out how to complete the Tis Giving Challenge in BitLife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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BitLife players can celebrate Christmas with style by taking part in the ‘Tis Giving Challenge, which tasks them with becoming a millionaire who, although known for their generosity, found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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But how can you complete the challenge? Here’s how to complete the ‘Tis Giving Challenge on BitLife.

BitLife Tis Giving Challenge Guide

You can complete the ‘Tis Giving Challenge on BitLife by:

  • Giving a mansion to your best friend.
  • Giving your mother something worth 1 Million or more.
  • Giving your father something worth 1 Million or more.
  • Donating blood 5+ times.
  • Giving a slip on prison guards.

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You can check out how to complete all the tasks above, below.

How to Give a Mansion to Your Best Friend in BitLife

After gathering a fortune through either legal or illegal means and purchasing a mansion, you will be able to gift it to your best friend on BitLife by heading to Assets, selecting the Mansion, and then clicking on Gift before selecting them as the receiver.

How to Give Your Mother and Father Gifts Worth $1M+

You can gift your mother and father items worth more than 1 Million in BitLife by first heading to Activities, Shopping, and then purchasing two items fitting the criteria. I was able to do so by heading to Jewelers and purchasing two Diamond Rings for around $1,300,000 each.

After doing that, head to Assets, Possessions, and then select one of them before heading to Gift and selecting one of your parents as the receiver. After gifting the first ring, just repeat the process to complete the task.

How to Donate Blood 5+ Times

You can donate blood more than 5 times in BitLife by continuously heading to Activities, Doctor, and then selecting Donate Blood. You can donate as much as you want within a year, but be careful, as having any kind of medical problem will make you unable to perform a donation.

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How to Give a Slip on Prison Guards in BitLife

After being arrested for whatever reason, you can escape prison and give the guards the slip in BitLife by selecting Prison before heading to escape and completing the minigame where you must make your way toward the exit.

This guide was made while playing BitLife on Android.

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2024

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