How to Complete The Ooky Spooky Challenge in Bitlife

Check out how to complete the Ooky Spooky challenge in Bitlife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Fully embracing the Halloween spirit, the Ooky Spooky Challenge in Bitlife tasks you with becoming a wealthy magician whose favorite pastimes are summoning the undead and scaring people to death, the latter literally.

To help you fully embrace the holiday spirit and complete the challenge as quickly as possible, here’s how to complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in Bitlife.

Bitlife Ooky Spooky Challenge Guide

You can complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in Bitlife by:

  • Being born a female in Louisiana
  • Becoming a famous Magician
  • Owning five or more haunted properties
  • Summoning at least 3 ghosts
  • Scaring someone to death

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How to Be Born a Female in Louisiana

You can be born a female in Louisiana in Bitlife by selecting the United States as your country of origin and then New Orleans as your city of birth before, if needed, changing your character’s gender. Once you are done, select Start ‘Your Character’s Name’ Life in order to start your playthrough and complete the first task of the Ooky Spooky Challenge.

How to Become a Famous Magician in Bitlife

You can become a famous magician in Bitlfie by first applying for the Magician Job after completing high school. Once you get the job, just keep working in order to unlock the Fame bar and thus become famous. You will be able to increase your chances of unlocking the bar, as well as raise its total to 100% by staying within the public eye as well as by keeping your physical attributes over 90% at all times.

If the Magician job does not appear within the job list, just close and open it again until it does.

How to Own Haunted Properties in Bitlife

You can own Haunted Properties in Bitlife by first heading to Activities, Shopping, and then selecting any of the available Real State Brokers. Upon doing so, you will be provided with a list of available properties, which may include haunted properties such as Haunted Mansions. To buy it, just select your property of choice and then make the payment.

After selecting your broker of choice, you can refresh their list of available properties by simply closing and then opening its tab.

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How to Summon Ghosts in Btilife

After purchasing any type of haunted property, you can summon ghosts in Bitlife by heading to Assets, Proprieties, selecting a haunted one, and then heading to Spirits. While under Spirits, just select any of the ones available and then click on ‘Try to Summon it’ to summon them.

How to Scare Someone to Death in Bitlife

You can scare someone to death in Bitlife by first heading to Activities, Crime, and then selecting Murder. Once at the Murder tab, you will be able to complete the task by selecting any of your acquaintances before selecting Scare to Death as your method of choice.

Like with the available properties under any of the brokers, just keep reopening the murder tab in order to trigger the Scare to Daeth option to appear.

This guide was made while playing Bitlife on Android.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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