How to Craft a Feather Cape in Valheim

Stop fall damage with this cape!

by Christian Bognar

Are you looking to craft a feather cape in Valheim? This stylish cape helps with the peaks and valleys of Mistlands as it will prevent you from taking a ton of fall damage when you tumble from a great height. Not only that, but the cape also helps with frost damage, protecting you even further. If you want the benefits this cape offers, we have you covered on all the materials you need to get this cape crafted as soon as possible.

Steps to Craft a Feather Cape in Valheim

The materials required for the feather cape are straightforward and shouldn’t take too long to gather. Below are the items you need to get the Feather Cape crafted. It is important to note that you will need to craft an item to get ahold of the materials on the final bullet point, but we will also explain to you how to do so in this article.

  • 10 Feathers
  • 5 Scale Hides
  • 20 Refined Eitr

Feathers can be found when dropped by birds or in chests scattered across the Valheim world. While Scale Hides can be found when dropped by Hares that have been recently added to the Mistlands update. Finally, for the refined Eitr, you can locate this material by successfully placing Sap and Soft Tissue in an Eitr Refinery. Below are the materials required to craft the Eitr Refinery item, so you can take the final step in creating the Feather Cape.

  • 5 Black Metal
  • 5 Black Core
  • 20 Black Marble
  • 10 Yggdrasil Wood
  • 3 Sap

Once you have taken the final step, you can now create the Feather Cape and reap the benefits awarded to you for doing so. You will get a reduction in frost damage along with almost zero fall damage, making this the perfect gear never to take off, especially if you are at a high location. The Mistlands is a difficult Biome to trek through, so knowing that you can easily travel through this location will indeed feel good.

The Wolf Cape is also popular; it is more complex than the feather cape mentioned in this article, but all players should take the time to add this to their gear!

Valheim is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 25th, 2023