How to Smelt Black Scrap Metal in Valheim

You must create a Blast Furnace first!

by Christian Bognar

Exploring the Plains Biome in Valheim, you can find Black Scrap Metal. While this item is easy to come across in this location, the use of it can be confusing considering smelting it isn’t very straightforward as other items in the game. If you are looking to smelt Black Scrap Metal in Valheim and aren’t entirely sure how to do so, you came to the right place as we will provide you with everything we know regarding how to do so.

Steps to Smelt Black Scrap Metal in Valheim

To smelt Black Scrap Metal, you must complete some tasks first. You can’t just throw this item into a smelter; instead, you need to acquire an object called a Blast Furnace, which will then let you smelt as much Black Scrap Metal as you would like. Similiar to the Stone oven, this Blast Furnace is an improved version of the Smelter and can be obtained by defeating a specific boss named Moder and acquiring the Dragon Tears after doing so. These Dragon Tears allow you to craft an Artisan Table, unlocking the official recipe for the Blast Furnace.

The Blast Furnace requires many materials to get crafted, including Stone, Fine Wood, Iron, and Surtling Cores. Once you have collected the needed materials, go to the table and craft the Blast Furnace, and then once that is complete, you can officially smelt your Black Scrap Metal. This Black Scrap Metal can be used for various things when smelted down, including making Black Metal Axe, Black Metal Swords, Black Metal Shields, etc.

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Valheim is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023