How Do You Make a Stone Oven in Valheim?

Time to get busy making the Stone Oven!

by Gordon Bicker

Valheim players are very well acquainted with how much crafting is involved throughout their regular gameplay experience, from learning how to make Stone Cutters to making Stone Ovens, there is a lot to take note of. No matter what you decide to craft, the fundamental knowledge of crafting processes within the game will be vital to your continuing progress. This article will take you through the process of how to make a Stone Oven in Valheim.

Making Stone Ovens in Valheim

A Stone Oven can be crafted with four surtling cores, 20 stones, and 15 iron. You will need to have smelted iron at least once and have an Artisan Table to craft the Stone Oven by using this table. You can build an artisan table with ten pieces of wood and two Dragon Tears. These Tears can be found by eliminating the ‘Moder’ dragon boss and they can be found in the mountains. Not only that but Moder is known as the fourth boss in the game.

When you have the Artisan Table you may be wondering where you get surtling cores from. These cores can be found in chests, by eliminating Surtling creatures, within Burial Chambers, and even simply just recycling Bonfire materials. You shouldn’t have too many issues in finding them when you know where to look. After you have all of the required materials, simply go to the Artisan Table and craft the Stone Oven.

What is the Stone Oven Used for in Valheim?

The Stone Oven itself is used for making food such as the Lox Meat Pie and Fish n’ Bread. There is plenty of reasons to have a Stone Oven to utilize so be sure to craft one when you can. Before you get back to hunting for where Black Marble is in the experience, you can settle down and enjoy a fulfilling bite to eat before adventuring again.

Valheim is available at this very moment on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023