How to Craft a Black Metal Pickaxe in Valheim

Learn how to craft this new pickaxe

by Christian Bognar

Valheim has recently been updated with a new biome for fans to jump into called Mistlands. This expansion provides players with new enemies and resources to fight and gather during exploration. Valheims’s great building mechanic is now improved with a new building material, Marble. Players will have to craft a Black Metal Pickaxe to collect this new resource, which isn’t very straightforward. If you are one of many looking to craft the new pickaxe, look no further, as this guide will walk you through how to get this done quickly.

Materials Needed to Craft the Black Metal Pickaxe

Players can craft the Black Metal Pickaxe by gathering the proper materials from the Mistlands and the Plains. The new pickaxe costs 25 Black Metal Bars and 3 Yggdrasil wood, each not being the easiest to acquire. Once you have received the required materials, you can craft the Black Metal Pickaxe at a level 2 Workbench. This new pickaxe will allow you to gather the new resource in the game and reap its benefits!

Where to Find Black Metal Bars and Yggdrasil Wood

Black Metal Bars can be crafted using a Blast Furnace and combining Black Metal Scrap and Coal. Black Metal Scraps can be found in the Plains through wooden chests and dropped by Fulings. As for Coal, you can acquire this material by overcooking meat.

Yggdrasil Wood is an ingredient in the new biome, Mistlands. Going to the Mistlands and chopping down various trees will grant you the Yggdrasil Wood you seek, allowing you to quickly add them to your inventory. Remember, these trees require a Black Metal Axe to be chopped down, but you only need one tree to receive enough wood for the Black Metal Pickaxe.

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Valheim is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 7th, 2022