How to Defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt in Palworld

by Davi Braid
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you are struggling to defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt in Palworld, rest assured you’re not the only one. Boss fights can be deceptively hard in this game, but there is an easy path to victory!

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How to Easily Beat Zoe & Grizzbolt in Palworld

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The easiest way to defeat Zoe & Grizzbolt is by having Foxparks, Rushoar, and Daedream, all at level 15 or higher, fighting alongside you. Here’s the breakdown of how to make sure that you’ll win this fight:

  • Level up your pals to at least level 15
  • Bring a long distance weapon to the fight
  • Make sure to bring Foxparks and use its Huggy Fire ability
  • Make sure to have a shield equipped
  • Bring Daedream and have the Daedream’s Necklace
  • Use a Ground-type Pal like Rushoar

Consider recalling your Pals to recover some health, and use another Pal to distract Grizzbolt while you reposition occasionally. Here’s a breakdown of why all the things listed before are important

Level Up Your Pals

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You have to make sure that your Pals have high enough stats to survive Grizzbolt’s attacks and deal sufficient damage to win this boss fight within the time limit. In other words, you have to level up your party.

Use Foxparks’ Huggy Fire

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Foxparks has a special ability, Huggy Fire, which allows you to use this Pal as a flamethrower. This ability deals huge amounts of damage, even against enemies that are not weak against Flame-type attacks.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In order to unlock Foxparks’ Huggy Fire, you must craft Foxparks Harness at a Pal Gear Workbench. These can be unlocked in your Technology tab once you reach level 8. Make sure you have enough Technology Points first.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Foxparks can be found all over the first island, around the starting area. Check the image above to see the many places where you can go during the day to capture this Flame-type fox.

Craft a Bow or a Crossbow

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Bring the most advanced long-distance weapon you can to this fight. Grizzbolt is way too dangerous for you to fight at a melee distance without taking huge risks. A Fire Bow or a Crossbow would be the best weapons, but as long as you have a way to keep the DPS going, you’re going to be fine. Just make sure you have enough ammo. This is what you need to craft a crossbow at a High Quality Workbench once you reach level 13:

  • 50 Wood
  • 40 Stone
  • 10 Ingot
  • 5 Nail

Daedream’s Necklace

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You will be able to unlock Daedream’s Necklace in your Technology tab once you reach level 8. It can be crafted at a Pal Gear Workbench. It allows Daedream to follow you at all times, even when you have another active Pal on the field. That means one more Pal attacking Grizzbolt while you are distracting it with a tanky Pal or using Foxparks’s high damage. This is what you need in order to craft it:

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you don’t know where to find a Daedream, check the image above to know where to look for this Pal. Daedream only comes out at night, but it’s an easy-to-find Pal that roams near the starting area.

Craft and Equip a Shield


Shields can protect your HP by absorbing damage first. When you are hit, the shield will take the damage first, and it regenerates fairly quickly as long as it isn’t broken. It allows you to withstand way more hits than you usually could without it, so don’t forget to equip a shield before taking a shot at defeating Zoe and Grizzbolt.

A Common Shield can be crafted quite early in the game. Once you reach level 4, it can be unlocked in your Technology tab and crafted at any Workbench. In order to craft a Common Shield, you will also need the following material:

  • 10 Paldium
  • 20 Wood
  • 20 Stone
  • 10 Fiber

Use a Ground-type Pal Like Rushoar

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Ground-type attacks are highly effective against Electric-type Pals such as Grizzbolt, which is why I like to bring Rushoar to this fight. However, it doesn’t mean that your fight will be that much easier. Remember, Grizzbolt is a powerful Pal, and this is also a boss fight, so make sure to recall Rushoar to prevent it from taking too much damage.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You might have to travel a little in order to find a Rushoar. Check the areas above where you can find this Pal, and remember to bring enough food for the trip.

General Tips and Tricks on Fighting Zoe & Grizzbolt in Palworld

Image: Attack of the Fanboy
  • Recall your Pals before Grizzbolt’s attacks hit them
  • Use Huggy Fire and then throw out a different Pal
  • Stay close enough for Daedream to attack
  • Make sure to bring enough ammo

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2024

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