How to Level Up All Stats in Palworld (& Which to Focus on First)

Depending on how you play, some stats will be better than others.

by Davi Braid

Not only do Pals gain experience in Palworld, but your character also levels up, receiving points that can be used to improve your stats. So, which stat should you level up and focus on first?

When you level up in Palworld, you gain points to distribute in different stats, but you also unlock one more row in your Technology tab and get more Technology Points. However, while you can farm Technology Points, remember that you have a limited number of points to allocate to stats.

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The Best Stats to Level Up and Focus on in Palworld

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The best stats to level up and focus on first in Palworld are HP and Weight. Note that you will have a limited number of stat points to spend and you only get points when leveling up. You will need health to survive late-game fights, hunger, cold, and more. Some Pals are so powerful that they might one-shot you if you don’t have enough HP to withstand an attack.

As for Weight, it will allow you to carry more materials back to your base and save a lot of time. I was amazed at how much easier and less frustrating the game became when I could carry a large amount of ore in a single trip.

After those two, you have Stamina and perhaps Defense. While I wouldn’t completely neglect the Attack stat, keep in mind that unlocking new technology and capturing powerful Pals over time will naturally boost your damage output. The stat I’d worry about the least is Work Speed since your Pals will be doing most of the work.

That said, if you play the game in a completely different way, there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, the best stat will depend on what is most important to you in the game. Personally, I find Palworld less enjoyable if my Weight stat isn’t high enough. Although I didn’t neglect my Defense too much, you might manage with a good Shield for a while. If you level up fast and put some points in each stat to see how your character changes, there’s a good chance you can find out quickly which works best for you.

Check below the 6 Stats in Palworld and what they do:

Character StatHow the Stat Works
HPYour character’s HP. It allows you to withstand more damage from attacks, hunger, or environmental sources.
StaminaYou use stamina to mine, dodge, run, and climb. The more you have, the longer you can do those things without stopping to rest.
AttackIncreases your damage output.
DefenseDecreases the damage you take from attacks.
Work SpeedMakes you more efficient when working on various tasks.
WeightIncreases your Max Weight Capacity, allowing you to have more things in your inventory.

Can You Max All Stats?

You can’t max all stats in Palworld, but you can distribute your points evenly. You only get stat points when you level up, and you have to choose what to do with each of those points. This is why we are informing you of what are the best ones to focus on and what each of them does.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2024

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