How to Level Up Fast in Palworld

Although it is an action game, your level still matters in Palworld.

by Davi Braid
Palworld player in a field, and a "Boss First Kill" banner hovers over the player.
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If you’re wondering how to level up fast in Palworld, we’ve got you covered. Leveling up is crucial in this game for a multitude of reasons, from unlocking new structures to making the game a bit easier.

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In Palworld, you have the opportunity to level up both your Pals and your character. Doing so unlocks more technology points and more items that you can craft, such as new structures, and gear for you and your Pals. Let’s dive in on how to speed up this process.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Palworld

The fastest way to level up your character and your Pals is by fighting Pals that are above your level. This can be done in Palworld because of the action element in the game. For instance, you can easily defeat a higher-level enemy with a Pal that has an elemental type advantage against the opposing Pal.

At the beginning of the game, there are many Grass-Type Mammoth Pals called Mammorest. In this situation you can use the Flame-type fox Pal, Foxparks, against these enemies for an easier battle. You might even want to get an early start understanding Pal stats and how to level them.

Use Foxparks to Lead the Fight Against Mammorest

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With a bit of patience, using the Foxparks’s Huggy Fire ability, and properly dodging Mammorest’s attacks, you will be able to defeat it. Just make sure not to fight a boss Mammorest. Instead, look for other Pals of the same species near the starting area.

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Make sure that you craft Foxparks’s Harness at a Pal Gear Workbench to have access to its Huggy Fire ability. That will make fighting a Mammorest much easier.

How to Craft Foxparks’s Harness

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In order to craft Foxparks’s Harness, you must be at level 6 and unlock the Pal Gear Workbench and the Harness in the same row of the Technology tab. Then, make sure to gather what you need to craft Foxparks’ Harness:

Flame Organs can be acquired by defeating or capturing Foxparks or other Flame-type Pals. The Pal Gear Workbench requires the following material to be built:

  • 10x Paldium Fragment
  • 30x Wood
  • 2x Cloth

Where to Find Foxparks and Flame Organs

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Foxparks is quite easy to find. This Pal is all over the many biomes near the starting area of the game. By capturing or defeating a Foxparks, you will get a Flame Organ as well, which you need to craft its harness.

The EXP Share Effect

Eventually, your Flame-type fox will reach a level high enough for you to fight this creature comfortably. If you want to level up your other Pals, bring them with you and fight the Grass Mammoths again. Just like Pokemon’s EXP Share mechanic, the Pals in your party will get a lot of experience even if you don’t use them during the fight.

Explore Dungeons and Fight Bosses

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Another strategy to level up quickly is by going to dungeons, heading straight to the bosses, and fighting them. Bosses will grant you extra experience since they are usually of a special elemental type and are accompanied by other creatures. Fights usually provide not only a decent amount of experience but also some ancient technology parts.

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The world bosses surrounding the first tower, are the best ones to fight when you’re starting the game. The further from the starting area you go, the higher their level becomes. The only exception is the first Mammorest, which is there to teach you that you can’t always win a fight, or because the developers loved Elden Ring and attempted to emulate some aspects of that game. It’s hard to tell.

The best dungeon to explore early is also near the first tower, right next to the fast travel point to its northeast. So this is a good area for you to spend some time in. Near the tower, there’s also an outpost with human thugs that provide decent experience and often have captured pals who join your team when you free them.

Capture Many Pals of the Same Species to Level Up Quickly in Palworld

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Another quick way to level up your character is by capturing 10 Pals of the same kind to get an experience bonus. On top of that bonus experience, capturing a Pal awards you the same amount of experience points that you’d get from defeating a wild Pal, so as long as you have enough Pal Spheres, capturing them might be the way to go. Or, you can even breed Pals to speed up the process.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2024

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