How to Destroy and Relocate Your Castle in V Rising

How can players move their castles to places better suited for vampires?

by Marc Magrini


Players in V Rising are given multiple options to explore when it comes to customization. This not only includes powerful melee weapons and unique vampiric abilities, but also the ability to choose where you build your castle. It might not seem obvious at first, as it’s difficult to move your castle heart outside of borders, but it’s absolutely possible to destroy and relocate your castle with enough time and effort.

How to Destroy and Relocate Your Castle in V Rising

To destroy your castle, enter build mode and hold the dismantle button with your cursor over your castle heart. This will destroy it, providing you with a partial refund of resources and allowing you to place a new castle heart elsewhere. Note that you will be unable to destroy the castle heart if there are any borders surrounding it; players must first dismantle the borders, as well as any items found within. Once everything is dismantled and the castle heart is gone, this will effectively count the castle as no longer existent. Any limits imposed by how many castle hearts you can place will obviously drop, leaving you free to relocate your castle wherever you like.

Relocating your castle is no different from simply building it in the first place. Pick a suitable location to build, place your castle heart down, and create borders around the area. Just be sure the new area is relatively safe from enemies, or the relocation will have been for nothing. Additionally, make sure you have plenty of resources to cover the costs of dismantling so many objects at once. It’s likely not too difficult to gather resources for basic amenities such as borders and walls, but the larger you make your castle, the more you’ll have to move if you decide to relocate. This task is best done early on to ensure the impact of destroying your castle is lessened or completely mitigated.

V Rising is available in early access on Steam.

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