How to Move Your Castle Heart in V Rising

Castle placement in V Rising isn't as limited as one might think!

by Marc Magrini


In V Rising, players take control of a vampire on a quest to retake the world from humans. They’ll battle powerful bosses, fight alongside allied vampires, and even create their own castle. In fact, building a castle is one of the first things players will do when starting the game, as it will serve as a home base where resources can be stored. Finding the best place to put it might not be so easy, however, and players starting out might accidentally choose a poor spot for their base. Thankfully, there’s a way to move your castle heart – it just requires some extra resources and effort.

How to Move Your Castle Heart in V Rising

A player’s castle heart can be moved by entering build mode and clicking on it. There is one major restriction, which is the fact that castle hearts cannot be moved outside of borders after they’re constructed. If players want to move the heart further away, they’ll need to tear down everything they’ve built outright – including the heart itself. A partial refund will be acquired for resources used up by the heart. This is the only way to move a heart outside of its borders.

Thankfully, players have a few different options when it comes to castle hearts. Certain servers will allow multiple castle hearts to be constructed. Additionally, the resource cost for creating a castle heart is minimal, likely since it’s one of the first things a player needs to create. Attacking some passive wildlife and hitting some rocks for a while will give players more than enough resources to make a new heart, making construction and relocation surprisingly simple. Alternatively, players could simply clear out the areas around them as much as possible before making new borders, expanding the size of their castle tenfold.

V Rising is available in early access on Steam.

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