V Rising Castle Decay: How to Repair Castle and Stop Castle From Decaying

Repair your defenses with this guide

by Caleb Stultz


Many survival game fans have recently flocked to the latest niche game on the market, V Rising. And with it comes a fun experience that has you looking down on your character from a Diablo-style camera angle. Your vampire body must do all the regular things a vampire should do: avoid the sun, build a sweet base up into a gothic castle, and obviously suck down on enemies to restore your health. All of that is true until you interact with your Castle Heart and see the dreaded “Castle is Decaying” message.  We will explain in this guide what exactly that means and how to stop your castle from decaying.

How to Repair Castle and Stop Castle From Decaying

When V Rising prompts you with the message “Castle is Decaying,” it literally means your castle is falling apart. Over time, your castle is slowly being worn down and eventually you will not have enough power for different structures around your castle like the Blood Press and other tools necessary for your castle’s survival.

To repair your castle and stop castle decay, you will need to feed Blood Essence to your Castle Heart. By getting Greater Blood Essence, you can stop your castle from decaying for an even greater amount of time.

To keep your castle from decaying, you will not need that much Blood Essence. Putting in 18 Blood Essence powers up and fortifies your castle for nearly two and a half real-time hours. With Greater Blood Essence, that number will jump, but only after you have upgraded your Castle Heart to hold enough Blood Essence for over five days of real-time.

When you power your castle, it will automatically repair damages made to your castle. Places in your castle should automatically regenerate after a few in-game hours.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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