V Rising: How to Get Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence is much harder to obtain compared to its normal counterpart.

by Diego Perez


Greater Blood Essence is required for multiple crafting recipes in V Rising, but it can be difficult to obtain since its ingredients are hard to come by. After establishing a base for yourself and getting started with the basics of a castle, the game will give you a mission to upgrade your base even further with several recipes that call for Greater Blood Essence.

This isn’t the first time that V Rising makes you seek out an item without telling you where to get it, so don’t feel bad about looking up help. Here’s where to find Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Greater Blood Essence is crafted in the Blood Press, a crating station that you can place in your castle. To create a Greater Blood Essence, you need four Unsullied Hearts. These are rare drops that come from powerful foes. Once you obtain four of them, simply return to the Blood Press to craft what you need.

Later in the game, you will unlock a recipe for crafting Greater Blood Essence that does not require any Unsullied Hearts. Defeating the boss Tristan the Vampire Hunter will reward you with this new recipe that only calls for 200 normal Blood Essence, which is a much more forgiving exchange.


Best Places to Get Unsullied Hearts

Getting your hands on an Unsullied Heart is the most difficult part of this process because the drop is very rare. The item only drops from enemies above a certain power level, but players have reported different minimum levels that are required for enemies to drop one. It seems that an enemy has to be at least power level 20 to drop an Unsullied Heart, but some players have reported that they didn’t get any until fighting enemies that were at least level 30.

Other players have reported that farming low-level bosses can be a good way to get Unsullied Hearts. The Alpha Wolf boss or Keely the Frost Archer are two easy early game bosses that have dropped Unsullied Hearts for some players. The best strategy still seems to be clearing out high-level zones though, so seek out bandit camps and other areas with enemies around level 30 for the best results.

Finding Unsullied Hearts is one of the biggest roadblocks that V Rising players will encounter as they build up their castles and expand their vampiric domain. The game doesn’t do a great job of explaining some of its mechanics, so if you need help, check out our guide on how to summon the Putrid Rat boss or how to repair gear. If you’re struggling to defeat certain bosses, then try to farm resources like iron to increase your gear score.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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