The Best PVP Weapons in V Rising

Find out what weapons to bring to the fight in PVP Battles when you're in the world of V Rising!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’ve decided to brave the wild and wicked world of V Rising, you’ll find yourself fighting different enemies, ranging from animals in the wild, to crazed hunters that will stop at nothing to bring you down. However, if you’re looking to show off your combat prowess, you’ll want to start jumping into PVP Battles, where not only your life, but your castle could be on the line.

However, if you’re looking to get a small step up, choosing the correct gear to enter these battles with could mean the difference between sweet victory, or harsh defeat. Choosing your layout is important, so let’s dive into the details of the best weapons available in V Rising’s PVP mode!

Win Your PVP Battles With These Weapons In V Rising


There are multiple types of PVP to worry about, ranging from one on one vampiric battles for supremacy, or groups of vampires fighting against one another to show off who is the best in the land. You’ll want to make sure that you have these kinds of weapons ready to go to take down your foes. Making sure you have the best gear around can help you in your fight, so get to taking down big bosses before you take on some player-controlled vampires.

Single PVP – Best Weapon Choices

  • Sword – Great for ganking players, and with a special attack that can follow an opponent while attacking, Whirlwind could help you stay on the trail of your enemy.
  • Crossbow – Giving you the chance to set some distance between your opponent, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re keeping control of the fight in your corner.
  • Spear – Keeping your foe at bay, using attacks like A Thousand Spears, you’ll be able to inflict big damage without them getting too close to you.
  • Spells – Taking advantage of spells that can put your opponent at a disadvantage, such as slowing them down with Frost spells can keep you on the offensive.
  • Axe – Taking advantage of Frenzy to start the fight, you’ll make sure to let your opponent know that you mean business with a huge chop of their health.

Group PVP – Best Weapon Choices

  • Purgatory – Using this spell to heal your friends, and damage your foes can make sure that you’re keeping yourself in good standing while taking your enemies down a peg or two.
  • Mace – Crushing Blow can help change the pace of the fight when it’s the most needed, causing 110% Physical Damage, you can quickly end a foe with this special move.
  • Reaper – The Tendon Swing can cause 125% Physical Damage to your foes, with a wide sweep that can take a huge chunk of health away. Keep on the offensive with this attack.
  • Sword – Much like in Single PVP, you’ll be able to target a weak link and unleash Whirlwind to bring their vampire escapades to an end quickly, following them until they down.
  • Axe – Charging directly in towards your enemies may be a bad idea at times, but using Frenzy when it is needed can help bring down the main vampire of your opposing group.

Using these weapons can make sure that you’re ready to see another night, as long as your team is as properly prepared as you are. Find out how to join along with your friends and cause some vampire havoc with our handy multiplayer guide.

V Rising is available now, in early access, on Microsoft Windows.

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