How to Export Electricity in Cities Skylines 2

Check out how to export electricity in Cities Skylines 2,

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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As no resource is as vital to the growth of a city and the well-being of its people as electricity, producing a steady and good amount of it on a daily basis is a must if you plan on growing your own Utopia in Cities Skylines 2.

But did you know that you can actually export your surplus electricity in order to get a good amount of extra income in the game? Here’s how to export electricity in Cities Skylines 2.

How to Export Electricity in Cities Skylines 2

You can export electricity in Cities Skylines 2 by connecting your power grid to any high-voltage power lines coming from outside of your available map area. Those power lines will be there for the express purpose of either importing or exporting energy and will be present no matter your map of choice, although their placement will change.

If the outside lines are too far away or if you want to avoid creating hazards, I highly recommend that you make the connection by pairing up your power lines with well-placed Transformer Stations. Once the lines are connected, you will begin exporting energy immediately if there is a surplus in production.

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Although earning a little extra is important, don’t forget that your electricity demand will only increase as your city grows. To adapt to that and be ready for any surprises, build a few Emergency Battery Stations in strategic locations throughout your map. Once up and running, the stations will store surplus electricity and work as a backup if your demand gets abnormally high due to any given situation.

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- This article was updated on October 28th, 2023

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