How to Farm Scrap and Cells in Endless Dungeon

Upgrade the Saloon and Your Heroes Much Faster

by Davi Braid
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Cells and Scrap, which are retained when you return to the Saloon, are crucial resources in Endless Dungeon. Therefore, it’s advisable to farm them whenever possible.

You can use Scraps to buy Saloon improvements and Cells to buy weapon and character upgrades. If you want to gather Scraps and Cells quickly, this guide will surely help you with that.

How to Get Scrap in Endless Dungeon

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Scraps drop from defeated enemies regardless of whether you or a turret lands the final blow. So, every time you defeat a wave, you should walk around looking for the Scraps you enemies left behind. If you locate a Bug Spawner and set up several flame-throwing turrets, it’s likely you’ll find scraps in that room after each wave.

Unfortunately, Scrap is abundant in Endless Dungeon. If you’re in a hurry to upgrade your Saloon, I’m afraid to say that you should get used to getting only a few hundred scraps each run. However, there are Saloon upgrades that will help you collect even more Scrap, so make sure to unlock those whenever you have the chance.

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You can also use Scrap to purchase a rare chest for your subsequent run. Although you still have to find it, increasing you chances of getting better gear is a good way to use Scrap if you have purchased all upgrades already. If you don’t have all Saloon upgrades, I’d skip on buying chests. They are very expensive and chances are you will need at least two runs to buy the best one, which is the only one that is really worth buying anyway.

How to Find Cells in Endless Dungeon

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can find Cells in chests while exploring the many Districts of the station. Not all chests will contain cells in them. Many will have nothing but weapons, some might contain a District key, but if you want cells, you must look for chests nonetheless.

Alternatively, you can try to complete Hero Quests. When you do so, you unlock chip slots and cells. later, when back to the Saloon, you can use your Cells to buy new chips, which work as character upgrades, and then allocate them to an empty slot on your character. Having more slots allows for simultaneous use of more chips.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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