How to Find Clay in Moonstone Island

Learn how and where to get clay in Moonstone Island.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

After discovering the Earth Temple in Moonstone Island, I realized that I needed clay. After trying everything, I found out that you can only get clay from Spirits. Here is exactly how to get clay in Moonstone Island.

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Where to Get Clay in Moonstone Island

There are a few resources in Moonstone Island that you can only get from Spirits. But, the only way to get resources from Spirits is to build a Spirit Barn. I recommend you read our guide on how to do that first before continuing.

The gist of building a Spirit Barn is first, you need to unlock the Spirit Barn recipe by completing the Spirit Research: Taming 101 quest, then get the resources to build a Moonstone Enchanter and Spirit Barn, and finally build stalls.

Once you have a Spirit Barn, all you need to do to get clay is have Earth Spirits in your Spirit Barn. To get them to stay and produce resources, you need to feed them.

I feed my Spirits Stonefruit because it’s the easiest for me to make. You can feed your Spirits one of whatever you want, but if you don’t feed your Spirits once every day, they will permanently leave the Spirit Barn. I recommend building Moongrass Spirit Stalls as soon as possible so that your Spirits are automatically fed every day.

After feeding your Earth Spirits once a day, go about the rest of your day and then sleep in your bed. The next day, you’ll see clay in front of your fed Earth Spirits. You’ll get one clay per one fed Earth Spirit each day.

Other Spirit types produce other resources. If you want sea glass, you’ll need to feed a Water Spirit. In fact, all the Spirit resources in Moonstone Island are clay, sea glass, poison, sparks, fireball, dark matter, dream drop, and snowball. It’s pretty obvious which Spirit types give which Spirit resources. Happy hunting!

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