How to Find the Chaos Rosalia and Unlock Yatta Cavallo’s Morph Ability in Vampire Survivors

Here is how you can find the Chaos Rosalia relic and unlock Yatta Cavallo's Morph ability in Vampire Survivors.

by Christian Bognar
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Vampire Survivors’ recent patch, 1.5, added some new content, including six new achievements, a new battle stage, three new relics, and more. One of the new relics is Chaos Rosalia which “allows Yatta Cavallo to morph when reaching level 80.” If you are interested in unlocking Yatta Cavallo’s morph ability — you have come to the right place. Read on to find out how to find the Chaos Rosalia relic in Vampire Survivors.

Where to Find the Chaos Rosalia Relic for Yata Cavallo’s Morph Ability in Vampire Survivors

Players of Vampire Survivors must head to the new Astral Stair stage to get Chaos Rasalia and unlock Yatta Cavallo’s morph ability. Players must reach level 80 in the Inlaid Library Stage to reach the Astral Stair stage, and once level 80 is met — the option to journey to the new location will become available.

Once players are at the Astral Stair location, they can then navigate this location to find the Chaos Rasalia Relic. Make sure to pick up the Astral Stair map at the center of this location. This will make the area a lot easier to navigate.

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Continue through this location until you reach a very long corridor, in which you need to head to the end and take the door on the left-hand side. This door will teleport you to the right; once it does, repeat the same step. In other words, take the teleportation door once again.

The second time you take the teleportation door, it will transport you to the room with the relic. The Chaos Rasalia Relic can be found on a table at the very bottom of the room.

Now that you have found the Chaos Rasalia Relic, you can use Yatta Cavallo’s Morph ability! If you are new to Vampire Survivors and want to acquire all of the games Relics, the key is to unlock all stages first. More often than not, every stage will contain a Relic that will make your characters stronger than before.

- This article was updated on June 12th, 2023

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